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Zenith: The Last City VR MMO | A Sword Art Online VR game

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Zenith the last city VRMMO game is the future of MMO RPGs. A Sword art online VR MMO game for Quest 2 is possible. In this video we take a look at the game Zenith with first impression of the game from the Beta test. Zenith is a VR MMO game that is is inspired by JRPGs like SAO and other isekai anime where you can full dive into a fantasy word and create your own adventures. You can explore, craft and fight your way trough the many difficult levels in this first ever VR MMO RPG. From crazy events to epic raid. You can create your own characters, join guilds and form parties to take down the biggest bosses. Soon you will be able to dive into a word like sword art online and join Kirito and Asuna to clear all the floors with your own Nervegear headset.


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  1. All the players characters are boring humans unfortunately.

  2. This will be on oculus store, right?
    Also will it be f2p or paid?

  3. idk about this whole "be what youw anna be do what you want" at the end of the day i have a feeling beaters or people that rush to end game contect will start releasing "Meta builds" and if you arent running the "Best" loadout, you are considered bad or garbage player. am hoping zenith truly gives me the freedomne to play how ever hell i want. but idk am asking to much is an mmorpg players will bonk it in the end

  4. its not so real its slow, it needs to be like dark souls gtfo this looks like a kids meal mmorpg

  5. when i search your channel it comes up as reality instead of Relity

  6. Runescape is making their own vrmmorpg? Where did you hear this?

  7. I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!! I want a vr… PLEASE DESTINY GIVE ME A VR!!! 😭😭😭❤❤❤

  8. Does anyone know if the server will be connected with steam vr version?

  9. This game looks amazing! The graphics are really good for a VR game, and I think I'll really like Zenith when I start playing it.
    I liked A Township Tale because of its great mechanics, but stopped playing it because you drop your items when you die.
    In Zenith though, it seems like you'll keep your items on death, which is really nice.

  10. I hope they'll putt (Zenith) game for HalfDive Headset, it'll make sense for the Sword art online show,
    Zenith + SAO World + HalfDive + Nervegear = SAO.

  11. this game looks so good i cant wait for it to release at 27.1

  12. I hope you can buy player housing! Maybe one of those amazing flying pirate ships (eventually)!

  13. Now if we can have a game like this with bonework’s or Alex level of physics

  14. Ohh boy everyone can hear you. I can already hear everyone screaming heal me come on

  15. I’ve been waiting years for it to be released and now it’s happening!
    The game looks 40x better than the footage I remember

  16. Bro i bought the oculus quest 2 a year ago but i wasn't playing anything because i didn't see an interest videogame, but this game looks amazing dude, im really into anime and SAO and this is just perfect, i can't wait to play it. Btw nice video

  17. Is this going to be cross play from pc to quest?

  18. Plz help I am not able to play zenith via airlink.. it not opening whole only stuck in window mode .. but working fine on link cable

  19. interesting but is a game to not take too serious I will wait until the second generation of this new vrmmo games

  20. Does it feel smooth on the Quest 2? I’d love to get this game but if it feels like the Blade and Sorcery game Quest 2 released I’d probably pass. Would I be able to invite friends on this game?

  21. To let you all no this game was highly inspired by sao


  23. You know what is frightening, in the abridged version SAO is to be coming out 6 november of this year (2022)

  24. improve the graphics improve the graphics
    improve the graphics
    improve the graphics
    improve the graphics
    improve the graphics

  25. God loves you repent and trust in Jesus before it's too late.. Romans 10:9 if you declare with your mouth, ''Jesus is Lord'' and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved. repent and trust in God before it's too late.

  26. I love u kazuto I’m talking bout the anime: sword art online

  27. I probably died before the vrmmmo RPG that connected to your brain… So sad I wish I was reincarnated and see the vrmmorpg have an ultra realistic graphics ahahah

  28. What i want… Is a Ragnarok online VR… Call me a boomer… But it's something i always wanted…

  29. have you tried Ultrasclash VR ?Is in early access, but It has One of the best anime action gameplay

  30. PSO2 should be a better game than this for VR

  31. that seems fun, and inagine if they can make the SAO (mmrpg) good for vr😳

  32. yeah. let's wait for the birth of real life nervegear and fully dive into the vrmmorpg sword art online and let's go one way and cannot log out.

  33. Graphics is so crappy, gonna wait for 5 more years playing VR games after

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