WOW Killers, Dead Game, Corporate Greed & The Art of Killing MMORPGs -

WOW Killers, Dead Game, Corporate Greed & The Art of Killing MMORPGs

Ginger Prime
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Throne and Liberty has sparked a new converstation and a curse with the label of WoW Killer, and among this, and the Is this Game Dying mindset, MMORPGs as a genre present the unique challenge of never being able to live up to World of Warcraft and being doomed because of it.

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0:00 Introduction
2:49 Tech
7:00 Woke agenda
12:00 Lack of innovation for profits
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  1. No thanks are necessary, Brian. The fact you’re still you is thanks enough.

  2. I wouldn't even say the tech is the limiting factor, but not in the way you think. Tech for MMOs have stalled in the last 10 yrs with Unreal Engine joining the fray of being more viable for MMOs since its major changes thanks to Fortnite. But, problems with poor infrastructure means something more action oriented isn't possible. There isn't a reason to develop something better because they can't. The reason why South Korea can though is because they have insanely high Internet speeds in a narrow geographical area. The same thing just isn't possible out in the US. When DnF made it to the west, the poor Internet plus lack of dedicated servers killed the game. The system requirements also can't be too high or else you risk alienating players too. With the desire of a mobile market, you also further push things down or end up simplifying them.

    THE MESSAGE is definitely something that fundamentally undermines the storytelling of a game. The reason for this is that it removes nuance and depth in exchange for superficiality. The point of the Power Rangers is that you have five teens with attitude or young adults who just happen to be different and are coming together with their special skills to defeat an enemy. The fact that they look very different from each other isn't the point. When you make this the focus, it takes away from the themes and the message that the game is trying to convey in its story.

    As for content updates, the problem is the lack of regular updates. Few MMOs have regularly scheduled updates like FF14, which is what gives it the attention that it gets. The biggest MMOs in Japan have often relied on this system, even Phantasy Star Universe nearly 15 years ago utilized this same system of dropping regular updates on a specific day of the week. Most other MMOs are absolutely unpredictable with their updates and are prone to schedule slippage and that makes things worse. People stop paying attention when they don't know when it's going to show up. And when you lose that audience, they're permanently gone. This makes it harder to maintain a subscription based audience when you can't provide support. The minor major 3 month patch cycle is definitely one that has proven to work over the years. Most companies don't maintain teams to support this though. Even WoW seems to split its team between patches, which is why they take so long now.

  3. regardless of all the so called info ppl have. and even if the game isnt something new from other games. its gonna be fun for a few weeks maybe a few months regardless. even bless online was fun for first 2 weeks. 60% of the players in mmorpg atm are so starved for content they will play anything for the first 2months even if its not that good just to find a click with a game. some had that with final fantasy some had it with bdo other still play runescape. as long as this game can find a consistend playerbase of around 5-10k players it can be a long term success. you dont need millions of players.

  4. I rather subscribe then game being p2w. And actually i kind of like ESO idea play free but with sub you will get good benefits. But it was never p2w 😊

  5. Nah i think the wow killer thing is good. Yea people play for hype but if the game lose players is because the game has problems. Trust me if the game is good all those people that played bc of hype will stay

  6. I don't think AOC will be the "wow killer" but it might be the game that initiates a shift towards something different, will it be better ? Who knows but it'll be different.
    Like Elon putting batteries in a car.
    Is it better ? Who knows, but it's different xD and he made a lot of money with it.

  7. If someone had the power to control people into liking and subscribing to their YouTube channel, the complaints to nerf them would be unprecedented, lol.

  8. You don't even need technological innovation for the genre to change. There are plenty of things that can be done with current technology that would massively change the genre.

  9. Every new huge mmo like New world or Lost ark is a ''wow moment''. Wow is just a very basic game with nothing crazy about it with a sub fee which i like to call it a ''bill'' which makes it just another shitty game that no one should play but no other mmos were present when it was released so everyone had to pay and play it.

  10. Hopefully they make a game that is so realistic like in the movie: Ready Player One 😀

  11. The true WoW killer is the friends we made along the way.

  12. Mike Ybara is the WoW Killer based on last week's news.

  13. Why the hell someone still uses phrase "WoW killer". I love all MMORPGS, especially korean ones but I also sometimes play WoW. There is no other game like WoW. No other game has even simillar PvE content with Mythic+ which still holds on tons of people in the game. Sure WoW PvP is realy basic and not fun at all but PvE wise WoW is a realy good game. PvP wise (which I am more in to) Korean games dominates. You can compare active players now and then and I am pretty sure, WoW and FFXIV will be still on TOP no matter what. Maybe Ashes of Creation will shake things up 😉 But I can't wait for Throne and Liberty too. Realy looking forward to it.

  14. Good point on players demanding tons of content at launch, hadn't considered that before but I think that is correct. I will add that it isn't everyone, it is the 20% who play 40+ hours a week. All MMOs need something for these people to do that takes a lot of time and is somehow engaging, yet not overly unbalancing (gear gap or whatever). Also, bots are really ruining MMOs, and I wish someone would come up with a good way to screen for them (like a captcha test, annoying to players at times but we need it). Finally, not sure what that person who wrote in meant by 'woke' lol, I feel like that term is just getting overly abused. In fact, it is being sued so far from its original intent… I want people to use descriptors again not simplistic clichés. Like you said, respectful and not for show, actually nice and respectful.

  15. I made over a 1000 player commendations in ff14 the other day. Wow what a journey of my first pc to now, starting as a mnk. I'm looking at success differently now, especially after beating Elden ring on my own terms without the help of the YouTubers. I think my favorite part about picking my next game, be it what your advertising or somewhere else, will be what things are legally learned that can be applied competitively. Keep up the great content!

  16. I disagree with another "wow" moment taking 10 years or some sort of technical revolution for gaming. I think a large problem with mmos is that many do some things right and many things wrong. I think the big factor is that it takes so many resources to create a large world and maintain it. If Blizzard doubled their team, WoW would be able to add so much more. I just think that resources hold back mmos.

  17. The whole segment on woke agenda was great. Its where the money is and theres not much we can do other than spur on some community backlash but at the cost of our own time and energy thats more than likely going to waste. Its easier not to feed into that for me personally. Much better for mental health all around lol

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