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Why We Love Pixel Art In Games

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Pixel art is one of the most prominent art styles in gaming, from Super Mario Bros. to Stardew valley the style has come a long way. There are certain feelings that this style can simply capture better than many others in my eyes, that feeling of warmth and nostalgia mixed in with some amazing gameplay just makes for some of the best games I have ever played!

Music used:
– Overture – Stardew Valley
– Cloud Country – Stardew Valley
– First Steps – Celeste
– Drive Me Wild – VA11- Hall-A
– Madeline and Theo – Celeste
– Exhale – Celeste


  1. Would've been pretty cool to have a spoiler warning for Celeste. Guess I won't be playing that one now.

  2. Personally, for me it's because I just love retro games that much. Never had a really strong machine to play stuff or even think of buying new gen games, so I had to stuck with emulators; was pretty enough to me tbh, thousands of games and more than 10 emulators installed and configured. Nowadays I sort of stopped but still love those types of games over any other (Aside from individual exceptions; play Dokapon Kingdom man)

  3. With pixel art, you have a limited amount of space for whatever you're making, so you have to make sure each pixel is relevent to what you're making. It also encourages using very specific colours, down to the hexcode, rather than just using a general colour and the colours nearby, allowing for greater precision.

    Also a lot of people are inspired by the games they played as a child. It's why we're currently seeing a wave of low-poly games inspired by PS1/PS2 era.

    EVEN THE PIXELS ON A JAPANESE P0ŘÑ VIDEOS we watch thats why we love retro

  5. For a some small channel your video presentation quality is incredible 👌 keep it up 💯

  6. No idea why I got recommended this but you did a great job with this video! As someone who has always been very appreciative of sprites and pixels, you conveyed perfectly the allure of it all.

    Wanted to note, Cave Story and CrossCode are two fantastic Indie games with some great pixel art for anyone interested in something new to play

  7. its a shame you didnt use any clips from modern terraria because that game has come a looong way graphically, definitely one of my favorite uses of pixel graphics

  8. Every game is a pixel game. Some pixels are just bigger than others

  9. Pixel art is so ugly. I hand draw my art assets and can't imagine lowering my standards.

  10. yo great video, you're gonna grow big in no time 💯💯

  11. I totally thought this was a person with like 100,000 subscribers. I was so subscribed you deserve 1million. this is awesome

  12. I completely agree with what you said about [pixel] precision, it was tough when I was little and the PS N64 3D craze was hitting and 2D absolutely dropped off the map, even as kid I was like "NOOO!" and seriously I remember at the time 2D games were being absolutely abandoned (it's a miracle that SotN was even made at all) it was an interesting time too because all of the great 2D platformers were getting the "3D treatment" and while I do still have fondness for those versions, honestly I still think 2D has the best and tightest character controlling of all, it is and always will be my favorite. I see pixels and it's like hearing an old song or looking through old photos… Pixel art is nostalgia, virtually! And I love that they've gotten so popular again (I knew when I first played v.1 Cave Story it was the beginning of the best comeback of all time!) Aw jeez anyway, sorry for rambling, that was a "back in my day" moment for sure LOL! Awesome video! Keep 'em comin'

  13. I love your point on being able to take in everything all at once in a pixel art style game. There's a whole different level of immersion and fantasy that these games can give players compared to games that aim for high definition and realism.

  14. Grew up playing pixel RPGs so it’ll always have a soft spot in my heart.

  15. Could someone tell me the name of the cute cafe game they show clips of??? It looks so cute and fun I really wanna know what it is

  16. im such a sucker for pixel art, especially when its thought out. terraria is great, but the pixel art is used more as simplicity, same with the animation, its not really groundbreaking, mining is literally / _ but with celeste or something, its so much more thought out. the movements and effects and animations are so smooth its just amazing to play

  17. >Celeste uses a 64 bit color palette
    >Calls it 16 bit anyway
    The number of shadow layers is not what makes something one bit or another, it is the number of colors in the palette.

  18. One of my favorite games, rain world, has the most beautiful art style I have ever seen. Each room in the game tells a story just by looking at the beautiful, pixelated background

  19. 2d games in general give me that sort of charm. When you git gud at it (I’m sorry I had to) the stressful moments seem to blur as you dodge and weave through the attacks in ways that you can predict but also always slightly keeping you on your heels because you know if you look away you cannot dodge, while the calming moments are well, calm.

  20. Bc i’m autistic and it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at.👽

  21. Good video but the analysis i feel is way too closed, the core argument is "they look calmer and cozy" but not all games that use pixel art are calm games. there are also very intense action filled games which don't really feel "cozy and calm".

  22. Damnnn that transition at 1:23 was CHEFS KISS
    And the shear effort you put in this video is AMAZING

  23. Because I can actually run them on my potato pc

  24. great video! I am a indie game developer myself and I agree completely, and yeah people do boil down pixelart to be "simple" and "not art" at all even, thats just disrecpectful

    also whats the game at 2:40 ?

  25. very high quality video loved every second of it! Stay consistent and you'll defo hit big numbers eventually.

  26. I love it for the vivid colors on display. They create such lovely contrast that realistic AAA games could never do.

  27. I 100% agree. I dont care for realistic looking games.

  28. To anyone searching for some amazing games with pixel art graphics that weren't mentioned in this video, I suggest checking out "Hyper Light Drifter", "Noita" and "NYKRA".

    Also keep an eye on "The Last Night" and "REPLACED". They both look absolutely spectacular, merging pixel art with 2.5D

  29. Amazing video, but please, put games' names on the corner

  30. Hey just found your channel through recommendations,
    Awesome video, looking forward to seeing more like this! 🙂

  31. This whole video was a wonderful watch! I can't believe you dont't have a million subs? Srsly, this was very informative and rlly well made!!

  32. why did you use such old footage of terraria?

  33. always lovely (and i guess unfortunate lol) to watch a good video and double take at the numbers, feels like a special treat

  34. What the fuck I thought based on the quality of your video you’d have way more subscribers and views. You definitely need way more

  35. Pixel games are also accessible to more people. I'm so grateful that i can play games like Terraria, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, etc even on my potato pc. Gaming doesn't need to be expensive

  36. pixel art artist here!

    I loved his video, it really warmed my heart the passion for my hobby so I would like to give a better explanation of why pixelart is such an important and special art.

    (Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language.)

    Centuries ago, art was restricted only to trying to portray reality in a real way, but with the advancement of technology, the creation of photographic cameras and with that the liberation of art in ration trying to portray things in a real way, at this moment in Hearing this perception, the artistic movement "impressionism" was invented, this artistic style aimed to portray reality as it was seen and not as it really was, with more exaggerated colors and many blurred but easily distinguishable shapes.

    And what does all this have to do with pixelart? Back in the old games, people tried their best to try to treat reality as it was, in this time when fighting games like mortal kombat and street fighter adina were made in pixels, realism was always what people were looking for, but once again for Because of the advancement of technology, 3D graphics were born and managed to achieve an almost perfect level of reality in which pixelart jamies would have a chance to compete, and what happened to pixelart? She freed herself from her chains and became something much more artistic than realistic.

    In the same way that pixelart impressionism works through people's imagination, giving the shape and silhouette of what they are seeing and allowing their own mind to fill in what is missing in it.

    It is for this and (many other factors of course) that pixelart is something so special, and makes amazing games like: Celeste, Dark wood, Phoenotopia Awakening, Crosscode, Iconoclasts, Mo astray, The final station, Carrion, Eastward, Unsighted, Rain World, There Is No Light, Momodora and so many others are extraordinarily beautiful and unique, and that's the key word for pixelart: "Unique". Literally every pixelart is different from one another, each person who makes it has a different way of seeing things and tries to portray it in the best way they can imagine, just like impressionism.

  37. Fantastic video!
    If you’re looking for any feedback I’d recommend getting a bit more games to use as footage

  38. lovely video! could i ask for the titles of the games you featured? specifically the on that seems to be set in a cafe?

  39. a lot of my favourite games are pixel art games like stardew valley, terraria, unpacking, and forager ! 😀

  40. I adore Coffee Talk, so glad others know about it

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