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Why I Chose Godot Over Unity for Pixel Art Games (READ PINNED COMMENT)

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In this video I explain why I switched to Godot Engine after using Unity for 3 years including a couple of concrete examples of Godot’s simple pixel art workflow beating out Unity’s.

Note: This video is only about why *I* prefer Godot. I know that Unity may be a better choice for many of you, and if it is, that’s awesome! As long as you’re making games, the engine doesn’t matter!

0:00 Intro

0:55 Faster 2D workflow
2:51 Open source
3:32 Room for online content
4:02 Outro

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  1. For my first point about default import settings, people have pointed out that Unity now has a Presets feature which lets you save and apply import settings so disregard what I say between 1:02 to 2:03 . Here's a link to docs for Unity Presets – https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/Presets.htmlAlso, this video is about why I use Godot. I absolutely believe Unity may be the better choice for many people, but as someone making relatively simple games as a hobby, Godot was the right choice for me.

  2. The only concerns I have with godot is that we can only attach one script per node. I've yet to figure out a good flow of how to split code into multiple files.

  3. Thanks, very cool. I needed to learn about those import settings in Godot 🙂 My textures went from drunk mode to sober!

  4. Is it a boy or a girl, pls no offence jus curious though & nice video 👍

  5. Hi, it'd be interesting a video about your reasons for leaving the gamedev industry and move into webdev =)

  6. Hi, I'm a professional web (frontend) developer, never made a game before. I would like to write a little 2d game for Christmas (basically Among us without killing, and a unique map), and searching for the easiest way to do it. What framework do you recommend to do it, with the less learning/work – premade animation, character moving, map handling – I don't even know what I have to make for a game like this. I want to host it online, if it's possible. Last year I've made on Roblox platform that was easy, searching something like that, just for a 2d/pixel type game. Thanks!

  7. I honestly don’t get people’s obsession with using Unity for 2d gamesYou can do literally anything you’d do on Unity (minus having to download/buy a shitton of obscure addons to get basic 2d & QOL features) in half the lines of code

  8. So late premieer 😱 curses for living in Europe!

  9. For all you GoGodotJammers watching, good luck and have fun!

  10. Great video! I was also lured by the last reason.. but, why not? 😀

  11. I'll be honest with you I didn't watch the whole video because the FIRST point you make is just plain wrong.

    Seriously, just look up AssetImporter, although you should have done that before spreading misinformation.

  12. Yeah, I figured Unity had something to take care of the first issue. I jumped to Godot several years ago mainly for the second issue. Positioning your pixel artwork using floating point is super painful. Having to always type it in.

    And what's even worse in Unity, is setting your units to the size of your tiles (if you want to snap them), like 16×16 for example, each pixel would then be 0.0625. So if your artwork is 150 pixel from the right of the screen it's at 9.375 and you wanted to nudge it back 7 pixels to the left, you would have to break out a calculator (7 * 0.0625 = 0.4375) then (9.375 – 0.4375 = 8.9375) …yuck. With Godot it's just (150 – 7 = 143) or tap that lovely left arrow key 7 times, what a breeze.

  13. Totally agree with the 3rd point. There's still plenty of room for godot-related content! Also, this video's commentary was really smooth and clear. Thanks for this vid🤗

  14. Godot is really cool, and fast to work with too. Without knowing how any of it works i recreated asteroids (game) in like half a day. But I hate Python and Python-like syntax so I never seriously considered it as my main tool

  15. Don't use a game engine, work from scratch or use a framework.

  16. About the content, I know Unity is way ahead on this but we are starting to reach a point where most of the features and techniques you would care about have at least one tutorial (either in video or written) about it for Godot.

    Also tutorials for Godot tend to have higher quality. This isn't a fault on Unity's part – since it existed for longer it has a bunch of tutorials made when editing and recording tools weren't great and people weren't using YouTube as their livelihood as frequently. If we compare Godot tutorials with Unity tutorials made during the last two years we see they have about the same quality.

  17. I love Splendor and Catan! Keep the videos coming!

  18. I found you on Twitter, happy follow Friday. The struggle is real for us indie game devs

  19. While these aren't the strongest reasons to use Godot over Unity, I do appreciate the video. One of the main reasons I'm leaning toward Godot is the amazing autotile features. Unity's autotiling is terrible. However, Unity has a ton of documentation and is easily portable to different platforms. It's not an easy decision to make for me…

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