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Why Games Are Still Not Considered Art

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0:00 – The Thriller Cut
2:00 – Video Games Can Never Be Art
3:14 – The Game in Games
5:26 – Naughty Dog Killing
7:43 – How to Beat Windows XP
10:09 – Dark Souls’ Soul
11:53 – Playing Art

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  1. animation, music, storytelling and a whole bunch of other stuff is all considered art on its own, but put 'em all together and ask for some button inputs and SUDDENLY it's a problem?

  2. lmao you chose two hardcore 7/10s for the thumbnail

  3. zzz
    Ebert just didn't play the right games, which is why he made that stupid false dichotomy statement

  4. So who is still not considering them as art and why?
    Your comments in the last segment (not sure what article you were quoting there) are a decent a response to ebert's statement, though you could also bring up roleplaying, larping, interactive art installations, etc. Or games where it's not really clear what the best or intended outcome is

    But what sounds like your conclusion kinda comes out of nowhere given the quote near the beginning, now it needs to go beyond entertainment to be art? How is something not entertainment just because some don't like the particular genre of it? Can something be transformative but not art, like say a severe porn addiction? Does art have to have a constructive or moral purpose?
    You admit that developers are already not trying to please everyone (which has arguably always been the case although obviously many want their games to be popular and sell well and few actually make really uncompromised games), so they're already there.

    Also are you seriously saying the mechanics weren't integral to how a game world is perceived before realistic graphics (whenever that cutoff point is, i guess dark souls?)?

  5. Video games ain't art why because they will never be here forever there always been delisted years later and now some games are been fully taken away from us even if we brought them this is 🍰 so therefore there's no chance of video games ever been an art

  6. Whoever can’t watch a horror movie, has any food allergy, demands an easy mode on Souls games or prefers games with “story” over mechanics, doesn’t deserve respect. You know I’m right.

  7. I think video games is already on the 'leads to transformation' level that Makoto Fujimura said.

    People play video games form entertainment, but some players express themselves by sharing their gameplay, exchanging their opinions, creating mods, etc. What's interesting is that some are solely designed to encourages those kinds of players. The possibilities that these types of game offers often go far beyond common expectation. Just think about the way people playing Minecraft or people making insane creative combos with FGC or action games.

  8. Ebert is in the "always has been" meme. And he doesn't know it.

  9. It s a brand new point of view that if game is only a representation of other medium, it can still be art because of game mechanism. But those game who makes a good blending of mechanism and story and art style can be superior work. For example in the game Celeste climbing is not only how players play the game, it can also be a part of narration and clue that illustrate the main theme that the game wants to show.

  10. "video game can never be art" sure because it's much more than any form of it, because it requires a composition of all forms of art in existence to become a game, needs sound, picture, acting, writing, and all that together makes a game, in fact a video game is such a complete representation of art that you could argue that it is the only true form of art and the rest is just fragments of it, trying to copy it in a more simple way

  11. Being stuck on the definition of a "game" (must have winning etc) is the first mistake an amateur games researcher makes. But any idiot knows SimCity is a game, even though it has no winning.

  12. If you think of movies as book/script+music+visuals/painting then games is just book+music+visuals+mechanics. The mechanics are another layer and one which makes this art form unique from others and without considering mechanics is like judging a movie by reading it's script. Absurd and incomplete.

  13. Most games are art. Saying it's not art because it's interactive isn't a valid argument. Art changed. Art used to be a still image and plays were thought off as lesser

    My art teacher talks about breath id the wikd a lot. Just try telling her it isn't art

  14. My only issue with from softwares games is that I have to sit down in the afternoon and hyoerfocus and beating one boss for an hour.

  15. 0:17 I used to be scaredycat up until 18, i think, and was terrified about the minor of things, all due to learned helplessness (thank you, mom) and i discovered that the medicine for this was a change in mindset, an understanding and development of courage (thank you, Sasaki Kojiro), and the training of the body to be in peak condition (but the body is secondary to the mind). The main thing to solve the problem is focusing on what you can control, analyze the situation with coldness and being relentless in the attack. The brain's also is amazingly adaptable, the most scary thing becomes normal after sufficient expose if you maintain control of your head.

    It's like Dark Souls, it seems impossible to beat until you do.

  16. Lmfao that thumbnail is ridiculous, TLoU2 along Elden Ring like they're equals?
    That must be the best joke I've ever seen

  17. can’t wait what these analysts say when ai create video games. this whole debate make me to think that technology already exceed human mind.

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  19. I don't think you are seceding in your argument about games being a form of art. (I believe it is by the way). Art can be almost anything as long as the viewer experiencing the artists creation is emotionally moved or inspired by it. Doesn't matter what it is.

    For example you might by a table from IKEA. It's ok looking, functional but not truly inspiring. Buy that same table from a wood artisan (for probably 100 times the price), the work and skill put into it might elevate it as a form of art for you. The beauty might move you. It's still a table but it is now also a object of art.

    Ultimately art is incredibly personal. Not everything is artistic for someone. But the mistake those people make by saying video games can be art is to dismiss all those who see it as such. The correct thing to say is "video games are not art for me".

  20. The funny thing about the Hypothetical Matrix game is that it actually exists. Final Destination 3 did this on their DVD release. The movie plays as normal, up until the point where the cast makes it to the rollercoaster and the protagonist flips a coin. The viewer ends up calling it, and if you call heads; the movie plays normal. If you call tails, the protagonist decides that going on the rollercoaster is not a good idea and the screen turns to black and there is text saying that the characters all lived.

  21. thank you for being actually introspective and multifaceted.

  22. Great video, truly

    One thing that a lot of people don't understand when discussing this issue (are videogames art?) is that they simply ignore the defining characteristic of a video game which is the mechanics.
    If you don't have game mechanics you don't have a game, you have a picture, a movie, a music score.
    What brings it all together into something greater than the sums of its parts is the mechanics.
    A video game is not art because the writers wrote a good story or because the 3d artists made good looking models, it's because those things serve the purpose of eliciting some kind of response when in the context of actually playing it

    When people try to define art they often go to the safe old "art is a piece of work designed to elicit an emotional response".
    Aren't game mechanics designed for the same exact reason?
    A game mechanic is always designed around the idea that the player will have an emotional response off of it; tension, anger, calm, happyness, sorrow, whatever

    How is a simple pixel art game about working in a border control booth able to make me feel real dread in a way that no other art form could ever imagine? It's because of the mechanics

  23. It’s been 6 months, I missed him a lot today

  24. dark souls does have an easy mode. it's called using magic

  25. 12:33 this whole "Difficulty settings fundamentally change the game" is not really true in all cases. Cave Story is still heralded as a super difficult game, but it also has an easy mode. The reason being is that Cave Story's easy mode doesn't change anything fundamentally about the game, it just gives you more health. Cave Story also has a hard mode where you die in one hit and that mode does fundamentally change the game, to the extent that it forces you to play perfectly in order to win. If you played the game on Easy mode, and I played it on Normal mode, the only real difference between our experiences with the game, assuming we're of similar skill levels, is that I was more likely to get a game over. We still had to fight Monster X, we still had to get the Tow Rope to save curly, and we still had to go through the Blood Stained Sanctuary, and all of that was a struggle for both of us even if it we had different amounts of health.

  26. film cant be art because it's just a representation of theater, dance, music, ect.

  27. The imagination is art… and anything derived from that creative energy is ultimately art!
    Video games is art!!!

  28. Im about to start playing a fighting gamr that just came out hopefully i can go with the learning curve that majority of people have

  29. All games are art and I actually think most people under, like, 40 would agree. Now, not all art is high quality. I've seen literal shit on a stick considered art, so about on par with stuff like Last of Us 2 and Anthem. And just like other forms of art feel overly pretentious or forced, some games certainly are that way.

  30. I feel like what people miss is that game design is also an art. Which is why I consider board games, card games, and even sports to be art

  31. If someone tried to tell me games like Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Earthbound, FF7, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Siren, Counter Strike, Battlefield, Armored Core, Mech Warrior, (etc etc etc I could go on all) day aren't art I would just laugh in their face

  32. video games: literally have ART STYLES and CHARACTERS and elicit EMOTIONS

    Idiots: It’s still not art because …..idk video games unhealthy

  33. *^&#$< those people who think video games are not art. All games are art.

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