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Who’s Afraid of Modern Art: Vandalism, Video Games, and Fascism

Jacob Geller
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A picture lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes of the sensitive observer. It dies by the same token…how often it must be impaired by the eyes of the unfeeling and the cruelty of the impotent.

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Big thanks to the voices of Zac Frazier (), GamesD (), and ChariotRider ()

99% Invisible: The Many Deaths of a Painting:

The Barbarism of Representation:

The Museum of Modern Art’s channel:

Visual Media used: 2:22AM, Depression Quest, Speech by Goebbels (British Pathe), The Power of Art- Mark Rothko (BBC), The Truth about Modern Art, Modern art is still Sh*t (Paul Joseph Watson), Andres Serrano documentary (1989), various ABC news reports, The Return of Red, Yellow, and Blue (Stedelijk Museum), Ron Mueck- Making of (Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain), Degenerate Art Exhibition (sveinbjornt), Mark Rothko Exhibit (Jeromet Ryan)

Music used: Just Like You (Gone Girl), All You Are Going to Want to do is Get Back There (The Caretaker), Dies Irae (Giuseppi Verdi), Old piano adventure; the saloon sound (Rick22228), Max Docks, Torture (Max Payne 3), Frolic (Luciano Michelini)
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  1. Thanks for putting le funne music infront of that guy talking so we can all know that him and his ideas are wrong

  2. I've just discovered your channel, i like it ! I have to disagree with your point in this one.
    Censorship can be done by anyone for any reason, it doesn't have to be white supremacy or even the dominant cultural group. It's all about control and defining what is right to express. Think, who wants to control what is socialy acceptable ? You will find way more answers than "It's the whites in power". And even though you show harsh reactions from a lot of people, i think that the vast majority of people presented with the paintings and games you talk about would just not care that much.
    Now i don't usually like modern art, it doesn't speak to me. But it's also because it is too often a money laundering scheme, asking again and again the question "What is art ?" to make everything art so it can be sold in tax evasion.

  3. Jacob… this is a masterpiece! I vibe so much with what you say and I also feel this kind of -!-!-!- watching this particular pieces of art and gameplays. Such videos help you keep your brain fresh. Thank you!

  4. I can't stand art that doesn't make me feel anything. And that's basically everything which doesn't depict actual, recognisable objects in relatable, clearly intended by the artist relationships with other objects in the art.

    If you cannot tell, randomly stumbling upon it, out of context, without knowing who or what created it, if an animal got loose with some paint, a child just accidentally left some stuff laying around or a house painter did a cheap job because he was in a hurry to get paid and go home, or if it was intended to be art in the first place then it's value as something to experience is about equal to coming home from work and realising you forgot to make your bed that morning and immediately just relegating it to the background noise of life.

    My problem with modern abstract art is that it seems that every single piece feels like an attempt to be actively and aggressively lame, deliberately underwhelming and purposely dissapointing, not being brave enough to openly intend and attempt to evoke straightforward offence or love or fear, but to attempt to layer obscurity and subtelty until its just bland mush, but then somehow hyping that blandless up to the sky as brilliant and evocative feels like gaslighting taken up to 11 and expecting people who get in contact with that art to just ignore the gaslighting of the entire genre and walk away is even more yuck. Then those artists who praise that art's effects in causing anger – emotion – in those feeling gaslighted feel vindicated and just go on creating more of the same.

  5. Art that has to come with a panflet for "right interpretation" is prove that these people are just idiotic

  6. Entire point is kinda mute when you find out modern art is almost exclusively money laundering for the rich.

  7. While the video has some great informative value and an interesting perspective into an outlook at art, I feel like it is helpful trying to avoid biased perspectives.
    Calling "It's okay to be white" a campaign for white supremacy is a stretch, when the message conveys nothing negative and simply aims to bait people who have fallen into a cycle of resentment for thoughts that don't match their perspective. Same as the Piss Christ for christians. And many of the videos sentiments could be used to defend the printed message.
    And on a more biased point, it's interesting to hear proper praise for Depression Quest as I despise Zoe Quinn for her self inserting and attention seeking, utilising every situation to profit her. Redirecting "Gamergate" discussion from journalist unprofessionalism and industry check box focus onto harassment, that did occured, which sparked further hate. And later using the same harassment channels, that she experienced, to publicly accuse Alec Holowka of abuse without any supporting evidence. She did this without going through any legal or personal channels which led to the same mobing she experienced and "guilty until proven innocent" mentality which contributed to his suicide after being scrubbed from projects he worked on.
    Just can't support using her as an example, when I am confident there are many other games just as worth the mention, without carrying such baggage.

  8. why does everyone use the caretaker as a soundtrack for whatever abstract or deep feeling?
    the video was good, as always, it was well produced and was edited and narrated well. the overarching thesis about fascism was interesting, though i feel as though it was a bit distracting. and as always, the connection seems to stretch the imagination a bit.
    i love modern art, and i feel like there are a lot of interesting brush work in so-called contemporary ones.
    sure i still think it’s worth showing as a novelty. but i still think it’s over valued. because there’s also a culture of over valuing and buying into works that just seem boring to me personally.
    i have yet to find someone who can explain to me specifically what they enjoy about “red yellow and blue” without going into vague terms or bemoaning the state of art and how it “goes against the grain”.
    i think it’s worth something, but i don’t think that’s worth millions of dollars.
    sometimes it actually gets a bit pretentious. but maybe someone can explain to me on how i “just don’t get it”, or maybe normal people are just less prone to buying into this hysterical perceived value. in that sense, i don’t think that’s fascism.

  9. to call "red, yelow and blue" art is simply an insult to all artforms and actuall artworks

  10. The destroyed painting makes me feel a lot more than the original unscathed one. Makes the art piece interesting

  11. Using music by the caretaker,,,,,, thank you for plunging me back into a crisis i had long forgotten 🙏🙏🙏🙏 one day I will fully manage to forget everywhere at the end of time

  12. Modern art is all just a money laundering scheme for the ultra rich it has no value more dose it add to culture simply a 3 billion dollar peice of paper that they can "donate" to themselves

  13. Modern art is boring, plain, and soulless. It's already dead.

  14. If i dont get or like modern art that does not make me bad, now does it ?

  15. I agree with all the people he's bashing. Paul's right. That senator was right. We can all see that now.

  16. Is fascism is against modern art maybe fascism isn't so bad…

  17. >says gamers hate modern art but does not elaborate on it

  18. i very much agree with your points… to an extent. that guy that just taped a banana to a wall can still eat the rubber off the bottoms of my shoes.

  19. Imagine just desperately searching for something to be angry about

  20. If art is all up to the interpreter, it's just lazy.

  21. See. I get the message, but the entire modern art world is fucking stupid.

  22. I don't like modern art, I think it's just a scam for the rich to hide their money in assetts

  23. Them saying that stuff isn’t fascist just ignorant

  24. I'd argue that the murder of 'red/yellow/blue' is a peice of performance art that accompanies the peice. As if a continuation of the series.
    Killing 'red/yellow/blue 3' is the 4th installment and kinda acts as the climax that brings the whole thing together as something cool. It exists for only a moment and seen by likely very few, but the thought of the man slashing it is potent having only heard stories of it. And then the aftermath, the mutilated painting, is the falling action of this story and the best tangible peice. I'd love to see it in the museum now more than before the slashing.

    Placing it behind bulletproof glass would be the perfect frame in my opinion. I beleive it would really add to the statement.

  25. The difference between good and bad art is that anyone can make generic uninspiring music, painting etc.. But few people create stuff that make us wonder " how the fruck did he come up with it, that's stunning! ".
    If an 'ART' piece can be made by anyone, it's still indeed an art, but it has ZERO value.
    That's how I define the value of an ART.

  26. The majority of modern artists are white. Modern art is as ideological as communist end fascist art.

  27. Familiar with Southern politics that I am, Jesse Helms might just be one of the BIGGEST assholes to have a senate seat in modern US history. This was the same guy that wrote a three-hundred page screed against MLK, accusing the late Civil Rights leader of being an 'Anti-American communist' and passed out copies to other members of the senate when they were voting on making MLK's birthday a federal holiday. Whenever Carol Moseley Braun, the first black woman to become a senator, got on an elevator with him, he would start whistling Dixie.

  28. The irony of Hitler being rejected from art school because people didn't think his art was good enough, only for his regime to call art degenerate for not fitting specific ideals…

  29. Aside the game itself, depression quest was actually having a high scores not cus its own merit, and Gamergate was kinda not about harassing Zoey Queen, but about sold out jornos, like, bruh.

  30. Can we normalize content warnings for the Caretaker please

  31. Now this is funny…I posted a comment about 3 days ago criticizing modern art (and its advocates) as "mediocre"…now here's a video which criticizes those who are "afraid" of modern art, and lumps them together with racists and nazis.

    Modern art, by itself, isn't scary…but those who insist that it is equal to (or better than) real art, are scary… they're not nazis, they are worse because their own self-righteousness makes them compel others to their views using propaganda controls (such as interfering with video feeds) and "cancel culture" such as selectively muting comments so that only the writer can see his posts, but no one else can.

  32. This has really changed my world view of art, and I will now respect the random rubber bands glued to a piece of construction paper at my local art gallery.
    Edit: nvm Depression Quest revisionism

  33. Who's afraid of modern art?
    Literally anybody who actually values effort, beauty etc. Modern art is cheap, has no soul or value it is simply put trash.

  34. My opinion: Rothko is shit, gallerists found an uninspired art style for easy money that ruined modern art.
    Also my opinion: Why whoever criticize Rothko and similar artists with pation, are always alt-right 30 year old virgins, neonazis and Trump voters? Yeah, you don't like it, STFU we don't care for your uneducated opinion.
    If you don't like something, don't waste time on it, don't buy it, don't bust peoples balls about it, find something you like and enjoy it.

  35. I think if you want people to appreciate Art then you have to educate them on it. It's fairly predictable that people who don't understand certain Artworks will conclude they are worthless or else simply political stunts. But the fact is most people who know and understand a lot about art tend to come from quite privileged backgrounds, go to certain schools and generally receive a better education. Average people are then forced to make a choice: tend to know what their privileged friend is going on about when they seemingly pretentiously discuss certain artworks, or else side with the common man who doesn't understand it and calls it all a crock of shit, or whatever. But, that being said, you can be the most educated about Art, and it still doesn't mean that what you think about Art is "right". Since nobody is right. The whole point about art – just like music – is that you listen to the stuff you like, and you criticise the stuff you don't, even though, most of the time, you know full well that it is all down to personal taste, but at the same time, you find it incomprehensible how someone could like what they like, and not like what you like, and everyone's thinking that. So that kind of undermines what I just said, because you don't need to be educated to prefer a certain type of music, except maybe classical. Or at least, that's what we think… I don't know if any of this is valid but I'll post it anyway for discussion as I think it's what it's all about.

  36. Honestly, Red Yellow and Blue 3 does kinda scare me. Idk why but the colour and composition makes me feel uncomfortable. The red overpowering the other colours makes it feel huge and imposing. Is this just my anxiety mixing with my knowledge of art? Who knows cuz a lot of p3ople sure seemed to have a strong negative reaction as well.

  37. This (almost) makes me want to like modern art in general, instead of the relatively few pieces I like. A lot of it still seems like fart sniffing self importance, but that's as far as my criticism goes. Whipping yourself into a frenzy over it saying it's destroying society smacks of every conservative attack on stuff I myself like. So even if I don't think I'll ever "get" modern art, I can appreciate people expressing themselves in ways that makes the fash angry.

  38. I am learning so much from this its insane.

  39. My gripe with things like monochrome canvases/splatter paintings is that they make a great stylistic baseline for something great… but they just stop there. It feels like it’s put on the viewer to do something with it. And to me that defeats the purpose of artistic expression. It’s not that they can’t be art, it’s that they’re stopping short and it’s a real shame

  40. I mean this painting performs role od background for slide projector more than it does as art

  41. Am I afraid of modern art? no, would anyone be scared of a painting or sculpture? but I indeed hate it.

    The human brain was designed to find patterns into nature since it would make you more likely to survive if you could distinguish the face of a predator (even if it just a tree with three holes that resemble two eyes and one mouth) and because of this we can find patterns in basically ANYTHING, something know as "Apophenia".

    I believe modern art is just that: The human brain just finding a pattern we find nice to look at, but then again OUR brain does that even when a pattern doesn't even exist, art (specially the kind of art that is sold for million of dollars) should be the kind that is difficult to imitate or at the very least reproduced by someone with no art experience what-so-ever.

    Am I saying modern art is not art? no.

    art is the expression of the creativity and effort of the human mind so technically anything a human makes or perceives to be pleasing to look at IS art, but…

    if what we consider "modern" art is something anyone can reproduce then that means no effort was put behind it and in that case, can we say is it truly "creative" on the first place?

    How low has art fallen where a simple interchange of colors can be considered has a end goal every artist should aspire to? and this is not my opinion: the majority of galleries of art just include "modern" art, art which uses the ability of the human brain to find a pattern or create a story to somehow elevate it from other arguably better pieces.

    just like that video on which someone left a pair of glasses on the floor of a modern art exhibition, and the people coming in just… starting taking pictures of it… and started getting philosophical about the meaning of the glasses the "author" wanted to convey, even though it was a joke to mock modern art ON THE FIRST PLACE!!!

    and yeah someone would do it later with a pineapple, again same reaction.

    that's my anger: that people who enjoy modern art can do so because they just overanalize an object and somehow according to them it is art, just go to your kitchen and start describing objects while giving then a story that sounds "deep" and you will have modern art.

    If a new Da Vinci appeared on the 21 century would he get any recognition? no, because there are people now who are more skilled than him and even then they don't recognition because most people just praise modern art because of the new "perspective" it bring to the table, which is… sad.

  42. 6:37 maplethorp was in my history of finearts textbook for college near the end and the few things they were able to show that he made were really bad

  43. I know the music levels get a little dicey at points, sorry about that y'all.

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