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Which Sword Art Online Game Should You Get First?

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For a long time, you have been asking me which Sword Art Online game you should buy. Well, here is my opinion on which SAO game is the best!
Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Ultimate Review:
I also recommend checking out Alicization Lycoris DLC impressions if you are curious about how the game has evolved since release. This video about all SAO Games will be updated to become the definitive edition later in Lycoris’ life cycle as it’s the final SAO Gameverse game.
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Its 2018 and so far, we have 5 different Sword Art Online console/PC games available for you to get. Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment, the remake of Infinity Moment, where the SAO Gameverse has begun and introduced Takemiya Kotone, aka Philia and Strea into the cast. Sword Art Online Lost Song that took us to ALfheim Online for the first time and introduced Nanairo Arshavin, aka Seven, and Karatachi Nijiga, aka Rain. Cast only grew bigger with Sword Art Online Hollow Realization, introducing Premiere and Tia in the world of Ainground. The crossover came and went with Accel World vs Sword Art Online. And eventually, we reached Gun Gale Online in Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet, introducing your OC, his friend Kureha, Zeliska and Itsuki, while Kirito was busy with Death Gun. But which of these games is actually worth it? Which of these games should you get first? Let me answer!

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Which Sword Art Online Game Should I Buy, answered by Gamerturk.

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  1. Anyone who startef playing sao hr on pc..i can help u for an early item

  2. I personally think the gameplay and
    Co-op is where fatal bullet shines. Me and my friend recently got back into the game and it really is a ton of fun, the only good part of the story is the fact that you can get the duel-world skill

  3. I bought almost all of them on steam during this autumn sales. It was at a time when I started liking the series a lot – during watching the first serie and before the second part of it, which I didn´t hate, but found to be nothing extra either. maybe I should watched this review and I would probably take only hollow realization. Anyway, very nice review! Good job!

  4. SAO Hollow realization for the win. your review is why I own it…. ^_^ thank you. it's amazing. I even named my character haseo from dot hack gu and made him almost look like him. wa, ha, ha, ha.

  5. Fatal bullet if you like fire guns. Hollow realization Is the classic grinding mmorpg, Alicization lycoris has worst graphic than hollow realization but it has a great story. Hollow realization is like a new sao. Is think if you like fire guns just pickup fatal bullet if you like swords/melee pick hollow realization

  6. I played FB fully expecting to have a good laugh hating it, since I don’t like sao.
    I have like… 190-ish hours on it.

  7. They're ok, not enough to satisfy us, but we had fun with our favorite fictional characters. SAO game needs to do better. Unreal Engine 5 is coming soon and I think it would help SAO a lot be recreating all detail 100 open world level allowing you to interact with animals and all objects and A.I's and all online players in one game. And I think that's how a game should be like…home.

  8. Which one should you get first-…? Hmm. Maybe the first one would be a good idea.

  9. If the question is which game to start with then then answer is Re Hollow Frag it's the very first one and if you dont playing you wont understand the storyline

  10. They need an SAO game that starts off in Aincrad with your own created character right when the death game begun. You are separate from Kirito and you go around doing quests and trying to level up in order to beat the game. But that you make your own decisions in dialogues to build up your own characters’ personality or “fame”—whether you’re more of a group person or a soloist.It would be really fun to create your own character and actually feel like what it would’ve been like when they were put into the death game (of course without the whole dying irl if you die in the game).

  11. I love saoif I wish that saoif will turn to anime

  12. you completely have the same opinions as me lmao
    well I haven't played the alicization ones yet but yeah in terms of Pc sword art realization is 1st and fatal bullet is 2nd for me. this is not an advert but there's a mobile sword art which is sword art integral factor which is like a mobile version of realization. I know it's been 2 years since you posted this but yeah lol

  13. I really loved sao fatal bullet its graphics and how your its own characters and you have your own ai who is really trying to help you.

  14. Hallow realization and fatal bullet are in the switch and it’s cool to be hable to play these game everywhere

  15. I still say each sao game should have been our story perspective like how integral factor did where kirito's achievements were not our problem.

  16. Fatal Bullet is the only one I’ve played. I liked it fine. Loved the character creator the most

  17. I love SAO anime’s. Was excited about SAO games and turns out they are a bunch of shitty games. Those single player games require more grind than some of the grindy Korean MMOs I played. I tried them all and couldn’t spend more than 5 hours on each game, well I managed to play Fatal Bullet and beat the main game but damn it the entire game I saw the exact same enemies over and over, then I had to play date sim to get the true ending, the game even made me date male characters to get the freaking true ending not to mention having to go through the bad ending first.

    I tried Hollow realization or however it’s spelled, interesting story but it went like this: a lot of confusion tutorials then got to kill few monsters then more tutorials than watch a lot of characters chatting then more tutorials by this time I had already forgotten half the tutorials lol. Finally got to play a little bit then characters started chatting for an hour and a half then more tutorials then more chatting. Finally got to actually play and guess what? Every NPC and their mother wants Kirito to help them unlock some quest skill and level it up. So not only I have to grind for my own character but I also have to grind for NPCs and don’t forget the date sim in the game which I have to grind that as well? LOL and I just started playing the game, hell the time I spent here I would have managed to get a new character to lvl 60 in a grindy MMO lol.

    Good thing I never buy digital games so I can sell those shitty games. I love SAO but to me SAO game = low effort video game that so short in content that it requires a shatton of grinding to make up for its lack in content, a good way to milk $$$$

  18. When u realise you can't play any of these games cause u don't have pc/console

  19. Update:
    Hollow realization released on switch (never released physically in the US, but did in Japan and Australia)
    Fatal bullet released on switch physically everywhere

  20. Sesi duyduğum gibi türk aksanı olduğunu anladım

  21. i believe when a game forces you to grind a bit to beat the main campaign, to be a good direction cause otherwise the side content is pointless, that is if the side content is adequate to good. At least in a mmo concept game it should be a given

  22. Hollow Realization is STILL the golden stanard

  23. fatal bullet is best game you are Main character

  24. So Mihoyo said they are working on an actual SAO and it should be out by 2030 😭👏👏 with vr and all

  25. I got my answer in the first 40 seconds, insta-like.

  26. Fatal Bullet was the first SAO game I’ve ever played. I was really confused by other characters such as Philia, Strea, Rain, and Seven. But that’s when I learn discovered the Gameverse.

  27. there was a hecking 10 min which cant be skipped whyyyyy

  28. Ye thanks for helping decide my guy. I’m not getting these games 😂! But thank you and have a good one everyone!

  29. Hadi canım!! YouTube ana sayfası beni yine şaşırtmayı başardı. Hemen aboneliğe bastım kardeşim

  30. I have just started playing Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet and it was fun for the first few hours, but now I am just bored. I had high hopes for this game since this is based on GGO but I find myself wanting more. It was interesting creating my own character because the previous games only made me play Kirito. I had no problem with it since Kirito is my favorite anime character of all time.

    My problem in Fatal Bullet is that it is a difficult to grind for points, even that is not good enough to beat enemies who have better gear and stronger weapons in story mode. It is so easy to get killed in this game and I can't have Liz enhance my weapons as I don't have enough material. This reminds me of online games and I was never really a big fan of those. I actually enjoyed the gameplay for Hollow Fragment, Lost Song, and Accel World vs Sword Art Online better than this. Sure the gameplay for all of those games is not the best, but at least I was able to proceed the story with ease.

    The story for Fatal Bullet okay so far, just hard to proceed with the difficult enemies. I looked at walkthrough online and the only thing I really want to achieve is unlock Kirito mode as that is basically the Phantom Bullet Arc in the gameverse. Plus, if I want to get the true ending I have to raise certain characters to certain affinities and it already looks boring on how to raise affinity for characters in this game. I have to revive them when they die. I had a much more fun time raising affinity in Hollow Fragment as I only had to talk to the characters, even though Kirito responds with only two things.

    I do agree though that Hollow Realization has the best gameplay. I want to continue playing this game just to get to Kirito mode because I know that will finally make me enjoy this game.

    The only good things so far in this game would be the new female characters and using guns and those photon swords or lightsabers. At least the next game Alicization Lycoris goes back to basic Sword Art Online gameplay and o get to play as Kirito again throughout the whole game.

  31. SAO HR is still best for me,grinding with soaring slash is so much fun..

  32. I really enjoyed SAOFB. I didn't mind the grind because the combat was fun and the gameplay loop is constantly rewarding. I hope they revisit the concept in the future and give the multiplayer aspects more love or try to deliver the SAO version of Fire Emblem but with real time combat

  33. Is there a certain arrangement for buying and playing seasons of the game?

  34. Lost song is honestly more realistic to me for some reason

  35. başkan lost songs ile re hollow fragment arasında kaldım ikiside 8 tl hangisini alsam xbox kolum var

  36. theres more than one….. wait so is it like season 1 ,2 ,3 and 4?

  37. If you lock onto a target in lost song it will follow the target aka not miss your skills

  38. Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Ultimate Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVDkpcPOplQ
    I also recommend checking out Alicization Lycoris DLC impressions if you are curious about how the game has evolved since release. This video about all SAO Games will be updated to become the definitive edition later in Lycoris' life cycle as it's the final SAO Gameverse game.
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