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What’s the worst game art style?

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What’s the worst game art style?

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This video took me way longer than expected but it’s done now
probably because i also updated my 3D model a bit

in this video i talk about the art styles of games such as: pizza tower, celeste, and cuphead. in order to figure out which art style is best for the majority of games.


  1. not gonna watch the video but thanks for putting midza tower on the thumbnail


  3. Honestly I love undertales art style but that joke could've totally worked but still with snappy frames

  4. but isn't your pc also made out of pixels..?

  5. Every time a new Pixel art game gets announced I get my expectations up to try a new game in the style of the old bits era, until I get disappointed to an instance where they resort to "png scaling" (resizing sprites instead of drawing sprites for the size desired). Since the rise of pixel RPG games this has become very apparent. Why make a sprite-based game to only have it re-scale the png so it looks ugly and out of place instead of drawing an actual sprite for their animation frame? I get that "it's less time consuming", but it also looks bad. I wish more devs could take a look at this and do stuff like it should be.

    Pizza Tower did a really good job on making most of the game be 100% Pixelart (there are a few exceptions where they resorted to "png-scaling"), most likely since they went for a crude-pixel like aesthetic, so they could get away with drawing less detailed sprites, in exchange for more animation fluidity.

    Said that, I don't think Pizza Tower should be a direct example of "advanced pixel art ", but maybe an example of "advanced animation ", if that makes sense.

  6. I understand with what you said avout pixel art. In my indie game (which is a point and click adventure) I'm using an art style which is both pixel artt and hand-drawn because I can have more creative freedom with ot and it's supposed to be in a very similar style to the 1993 video game "Day of the Tentacle" which the animations in it are really smooth and highly detailed for a 90s game (even running at 32-bit colour instead of 16-bit which was more popular at the time).

  7. My dad thinks that Rain World should use Cuphead’s art and animation style. I had to try so hard not to go on a rant to him about how much that would ruin parts of what makes rain world so good. He thinks the pixel art makes it look too old

  8. Hahahah all the overblown audio bits are perfect! xD

  9. When mentioning cel shading, wind waker would have been a nice thing to talk about.


  11. What do you think of my singing monsters art style

  12. 2.5d with pixel art is so godly when done right, shame the best example of it (the last night) is never releasing


  14. Personally i hate the 360 realistic artstyle

  15. If someone doesn’t make a game in the old flipnote art style I’m gonna have to do it myself

  16. Pino in your dream game please make the bullets e x p l o d e on impact so you can use it as a platforming mechanic. it would be so cool.

  17. you didn't say anything about procedural animation, although it could look REALLY good

  18. Also a fact: Undertale was inspired by Earthbound as toby fox made tons of Earthbound mods!

  19. 7:18 Or should you say… Peppino bucks? Eh..? Eh…? …….Yeah, sorry about that…

  20. Pixel art isn't not only nostalgic but it's the only option because how of a hastle 3D is to work around depending of how you want your game to be

  21. This bad new character looks like salad fingers xd

  22. you know what sucks, low poly, it always looks the same

  23. Some games that really blew me away with their art styles you didn’t mention would probably be Disco Elysium, which has an incredible isometric 3d art style where everything looks oil painted in rough, industrial strokes, really just breathtaking to look at. I also really liked Hypnospace outlaw which is designed to look like an alternate reality 90s virtual reality browsing dimension, also completely one of a kind. I would definitely check both out of you haven’t before

  24. To everyone calling him bad and a clown your are an uncultured swine he is a KING

  25. Pixel art is not an art style btw

    And 3d

    And pizza tower is pixelated

  26. Everhood artstyle is probably one of the best pixel arts ever

  27. I hope you make a video about 2d platformer 3d style if you do that would make my day

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