Video Game in Voxel Art | Part 4 -

Video Game in Voxel Art | Part 4

William Santacruz
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A new breakthrough in my personal videogame project with voxel art.
Software: Magicavoxel
Vexento – Floating With You
Vexento – Digital Kiss
Vexento – Attention Deficit

Hello, I invite you to join the Voxel Nation, it is the community that I am creating in discord.

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  1. broken link for the nation voxel on discord.

  2. Wilian eu sei que você e Br. Se puder gravar um vídeo ensinando como mecher com o programa

  3. This looks sweet

    If you publish it I’d love to play it

  4. Pensé que nunca volverias a subir vídeos :"v

  5. Se ve genial. Sería increíble que hicieras un texture pack de Minecraft con ese estilo tuyo

  6. epic voxels!

    but how to use them for making games? Use them as part stage/terrain like Minecraft? Can over MagicaVoxel limit 126x126x126?
    please tell me, since i'm very beginner of voxel artist…

  7. se ve genial felicitaciones tambien estoy en el proyecto de hacer mi video juego utilizando la herramienta magicavoxel lo que si veo un poco es que me dicen que al tener tanto detalle los voxeles me refiero al la gama de colores quedaria siendo muy pesado para la memoria poder procesar los gráficos que tan cierto es esto? asi que tendria que ser para pc por el procesamiento de colores es este caso en unity

  8. This mobile game? Will the game be free? ^-^

  9. Outstanding! Super creative! ♥😍 I just want to see more!!

  10. what song is this its so cool! Great voxel art btw 🙂

  11. Only problem is going to be the inefficient way magica voxel handles polygons and collors

  12. Will It Have Good Performance in Low-Resource Devices? O Still do not know?. Which will be his name.

  13. Do you have a pogrammer programming this game Or do you Make this just for fun

  14. I’m very excited to see all this come together

  15. lol the gameplay says Minecraft yet it isn't even gameplay lol

  16. How do you chose your colors i have problems with this :c

  17. Category-Gaming
    Why is it under Minecraft idk

  18. tengo una pregunta…
    no se si sea normal pero ami cuando ya hice el odelo, o almenos una parte, le doy a "RENDER" y no me aparece nada, ni una pantalla de carga ni nada, simplemente el fondo de como si no hubiese hecho nada pero si le doy a "MODEL" si me aparece normal, me podrias explicar? quizas sea por el windows o algo asi creo o sera por la tarjeta grafica?

  19. Nice work!! How would you go about exporting each object by them selves?

  20. if you are interested in creating awesome voxel art, check out Adventure Box. It's tools for importing Quibicle geometry, Minecraft world's, 2D images in common formats are just simple to use. There's also an option for importing places from the real world using an intuitive map, which is quite handy. Try it out with it's web browser preview on

  21. These models are pretty good looking! If you've ever done something with voxels, you can try Adventure Box. They have a mechanism that allows you to insert models into a game directly.

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