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Video Game Box Art

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  1. I'm actually sad that Takeshi Kitano isn't more well known here. He's such a badass.

  2. Dishonored GOTY is up there for me. A really cool but obscure one also is Raze’s Hell for the Xbox, and Bangai-O for the Dreamcast

  3. JP: Bredy gud
    US: ech, is bad!


  4. Good thing Kiryu never kills anyone or else he would probably be holding a gun in every box art.

  5. I also find Yakuza 7 box better in the west imo

  6. A cool follow up to this would be to talk about the best steel book cases.

  7. Bioshock infinite art: generic man with a gun
    Yakuza 4 art: SEX

  8. I also like that God hand cover where the hand goes inside the guys mouth.

  9. I liked the Mafia 2 box art. Four characters in suits looking sharp with car headlights behind and skyline in the background

  10. Maximo Ghosts to Glory or Red Dead Redemption box arts. Extremely eye candy covers

  11. NakeyJakey had only over 218,000 subs in 2018. Geez Subs climb fast.

  12. Surprised you didn't talk about RE4 wii's cover, it's the coolest ever. Like an actual good slasher movie or something

  13. I want to point out that tekken 7 had one of the best Japanese box arts while the American one is just 2 guys faces blended. Meanwhile in Japan it showcases Heihachi and yakuza fighting with aura's surrounding them while Heihachi's back is in the background with 1 eye showing almost like he's watching the 2 battle and that's literally what happens at the end of the game as well

  14. The og Yakuza boxart is my favorite box art of all time

  15. As bad of a game as Superman 64 is, one thing must be said:

    Critics: Titus forgot to add the title on the boxart.

    Fans: It's Superman…

  16. Love how you didn't even bring up yakuza 5 lmaooo

  17. One thing I'm grateful to Steam for is that when you look at your library they have what's essentially a videogame box art cover for each game as long as it's been bought on Steam, even then if you add a non-Steam game to Steam you can add a custom one!

  18. One of my favorites has to be Wonderful 101. All the playable heroes bunched together with their unique weapon leaping up from a city toward the viewer with a rising fist perfectly captures the spirit and gameplay it has to offer.

  19. Nice — I wish there were more videos like this… As a trained graphic designer, I really appreciate it!

    When I first graduated university, I originally wanted to design music CD covers since I enjoyed doing that so much as a class project, which is clearly quite similar to designing video game box art, so it tickles me pink to see others critique this kind of stuff (I ended up going into web design though, which is very different obviously). You have good taste! Most untrained people don’t have an eye for what denotes good from bad in commercial art, but you do.

    Great video, mate — I really enjoyed it, and I hope you do more like it!

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