Vector Graphics 101: Game Art Tutorial -

Vector Graphics 101: Game Art Tutorial

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In this tutorial we look at the basics of working with vector graphics. If you already have experience using a Vector graphics package like Inkscape, Flash or Illustrator, there will be very little here for you.

If on the other hand, you’ve got little prior experience, I think this video will be a great introduction to vector graphics and how they can be used to create game art.

The work is done in Gravit, but could easily be adapted to any graphics library package. This tutorial looks at shapes, paths, booleans, then putting it all together to make simple clouds, then a slightly more advanced sword blade.


  1. Affinity Designer is cool cheap and powerful. Im saying this from the perspective of a beginner

  2. I have a question , in Godot, if I make my art with vector graphics, which format do i save to .png? .AI, .svg? Thank you.

  3. Thank you for this one, as a programmer making games on weekends with shit graphics, I am glad that I can finally make shapes and stuff to make my games look way nicer.

  4. This definitely better answered some of the questions I had from your last video. Thanks!

  5. OK uh, I don't want to sound negative, but I was really hoping for a tutorial on how to program actual 3D vector graphic games like Battlezone. (1980 video game) Since I already know how to use InkScape, finding out that's all this is turned out disappointing for me personally. But I will make sure to link anyone who wants to learn how to use InkScape to this video because it does seem to be quite helpful for people who need to know that.

    I would like to request a video on what it would take to do a Battlezone remake or other game using interactive/dynamic primitive 3D vector graphics.

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