Various Art Games - A Literary Analysis -

Various Art Games – A Literary Analysis

Games As Literature
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What are “art games?” How do they work, and what makes them distinct as a genre? By taking a look at four examples of the genre, this episode explains.

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The Majesty of Colors:


Arcade Academy, by Pixel Head –

Jimi Bonogofsky-Gronseth – [email protected]


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  1. What the heck, dude. I play games to escape my feelings, not confront them. lol

  2. Mr.Peanutbutter and Crossover Episode says:

    can you tell these thing to my dad ?

  3. By far the best episode yet, loved being able to be a part of the lesson. My favorite was Lonlieness, definitely made me feel the most. Also, you made me look more at Passage. It seemed like a silly game, but I guess I missed out on a lot of it on my first play through. Funny how such a simple game could represent so much.

  4. I agree with Jack. Great episode, though the only one I played at your suggestion was Loneliness.

    P.S. Loved scares the crap out of me.

  5. Huh, I've played all of these except Majesty of Colors before. Did you get them from somewhere, maybe Extra Credits' Games You Haven't Tried series? 

    Also, this episode reminded me of Journey. You ARE going to do a video on Journey, right? 😛

  6. Just wanted to say, the ending reference made me laugh.

    Great video overall, I was more or less ignorant of these art games.

  7. If you want to look up an artsy literature game I'd recommend Gone Home. Its the closest thing games have come to telling a powerful story in a novella-like form

  8. Your video and especially the case of Loved inspired me for my own little game. I'm currently working hard on it, and wanted to thank you for that !

  9. Passage, try not moving at all. It has interesting implications.

    Also, only move right and compare your score to the best treasure hunt.

  10. If you haven't already, you should do a literary analysis of Lisa: The Painful RPG.

  11. Speaking of Art Games, there's a little one called OneShot. It's pretty much an RPG Maker styled Adventure Game. It takes maybe an hour to beat and is definitely my favorite game of the type (of which I've played a LOT)

    It's one where the game and it's characters address you directly, but I have yet to play any other game that really made me love and care for my friend (the in game avatar) nearly as much. I'll avoid saying anything else about it though, you guys should definitely give it…"one shot" at least.

  12. Awesome video man! I loved learning about these games!

  13. I'm so shook over loved, that poor lil blob

    -"Simplistic, yet meaningful! 10/10"
    -"Well, not to discourage the artist, but a little bit vulgar.. Emotion conveyed pretty well though! 9/10"
    -"Controversal! Strong! BOLD! 5/5"
    -"As we can see, the work touches on a delicate ethical issues. It contemplates the relations between a person and society, a human and nature. It depicts a main hero (or heroine, which is EQUALLY possible) as an active subject, having an abillity to alter the world, according to his(her) value system, and ability to choose, always finding herself in search. It is important to note how absense of punctuation implies duality: at first we can feel an impulse to put question mark at the end, but after a bit of consideration we can see how changing its position completely alters the meaning… see full analysis "
    -"Heavy political criticism here. 10/10"

  15. With Loneliness, I'm not sure if how you react to the dots says as much about you as a person as it does about which other flash games you've been playing recently. I suspect most people's reactions will be informed by how other games have trained them.

  16. Art genre is just dumb name for very unconventional

  17. I love your series and really enjoyed this episodes.

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