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Unity Pixel Art Game Tutorial – Complete Starting Setup

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Do you want to make a pixel art game in Unity? Have you tried but you’re having trouble getting player movement, collisions, and pixel perfection all working together? In this video I’ll cover how to make all these systems work together.

00:00 Intro
00:29 Unity overview
04:09 Player character and sprite
10:23 Player movement
17:47 Tilemaps and background
26:07 Obstacles and collisions
34:14 Prevent character spinning
35:41 Add camera (Cinemachine) and follow player
39:14 Make camera pixel perfect
43:17 Confine camera to background
46:40 Fix background collision bug
48:15 Tweak camera settings
50:42 Conclusion

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  1. Thank you for this! I've taken countless tutorial lessons and they just blow through the code and don't explain what it does so I don't learn anything but your video was massively informative. I also learned something new with the tile grids.

  2. I just got a new sub I wanted to make my dream game like undertale and I wanted a pixel style and this is prob gonna help me a lot

  3. Where did you get the sprite sheet for the forest?

  4. I've got a little problem, my sprite won't move at all, and i can't find the problem. There are no error messages either 🙁 pls help

  5. You can just drag and drop the character for the same ressult

  6. Hi! I’m starting right now this minute to try and create a mega man clone essentially with features later to be added and online multiplayer capability

  7. Trying to do a top down Zelda style rpg

  8. I like how in unity you can change filters and sizes

  9. how to download character and game background images

  10. so uh nope uh , yeah , actually uh this is uh, let do..uh , but uhh …….< but uhh? butuhh?…. = butta = butter

  11. I actually wanted to make 2D pixel game a long time ago and because of this nice tutorial i can finally do the game. Thanks so much!!

  12. Hello
    I like the way you explained everything in your video (since I'm completely new on Unity) . You gave me the help and the motivation to create my own RPG exploration pixel art game.
    Thank you!

  13. Hey, I have a lot of sprites. How do I know if its 16 pixels per unit, or 32 or 64? What if I tried using different size? Will that affect my sprite?

  14. Many thanks to the author, much has become clearer and easier

  15. I was Doing The Movement Code And it Didn't work for me

  16. This video along with the other video you have made were very helpful and informative, but I have a couple of questions. For one, I don't know code, and I would like to know what coding language you used to make this, and for two, how can I make my own sprites and get them on to unity?

  17. I have an idea of making a prehistory game 🙂

    Edit: plan has failed it will not let me make projects

  18. how do u know that 1 tile is 64 for you? Do you make it so like the tiles in unity match the tiles in whatever app u use to do pixel art?

  19. Thanks for the help, I had an idea but didnt know how to bring it to life. thanks to you it is now possible 🙂

  20. Im half through, But it looks like you making a dubbel up of folders for the tiles. When it ask first time you make the folder. The second time you point to the directory you made to fill it.
    That is what i saw in another tutorial.

  21. If u are interested to making pixel art game just dont watch this video.

  22. i can't even download a tilemap what the heck is a tilemap.

  23. sir how do i make my grid same with size of the images i sliced?

  24. Hey , I'm 14 years old and I wanted to make a simple game that features all my classmates as Characters, I just started using Unity and I have a question… Since not all of my classmates have a good computer, I thought of making a mobile game , so my question is , can I use this tutorial for my mobile game and if I do use it , will it actually work? , because that would be a great help, your video seems great

  25. This was great =) helped me a lot with my project <3

  26. I want to do a horror game similar to Faith: The Unholy Trinity

  27. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I'm doing a final grade project for a gamedev class and all we've done all classwork in 3D, but I had an idea for a pixel 2D as my final, so I have to desperately catch up on some aspects : D very easy to follow, easy to understand, and you have actually explained the script instead of dumping the whole thing as "just include it, you don't need to know what's going on there" !!

  28. Thank you so much for the video! Super helpful!

  29. Alot of my friends are pretty good at pixel art and I was thinking we can make a pixel art game with the help of someone I know, thanks for this!

  30. Year and a half later still the best tutorial I've found for setting up 2D. Only things that need additional work are movement script and better layering techniques for lit 2d materials. Good work.

  31. Trying to make a game called cooking mania: Rise of the chef! And it’s a game where the genre is in survival and cooking and rpg kind of way

  32. If i click in the nee Project Thing IT Said i needed an Editor so i installed one and apparently i still need one

  33. I am making a game right now and for some reason the pixel art gets compressed when you go from scene view to game view, I am on the free version of 2022.3 btw and I can’t figure out why this is happening.

  34. URP a year ago was already very good and is becoming a default. Use it.
    Instead of using old input, use new input system in Unity – this will give you less headache in future.
    I've watched only 15 mins, but yeah. Look for Chris' Tutorials channel.

  35. The code didn't work, but thanks to chatgpt I inserted another code and it worked. The only problem now is that my character slides and I don't know how to make it stop. Update: I lost my character. Legends say it's still sliding to this day.😌

  36. I enjoyed the Cinemachine setup. Learned a couple of nice tricks! TY for the video 🙂

  37. This video deserves a lot more views and likes,
    you're helping my dream of making my own game a reality so thank you.

  38. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    PlayerMovement.FixedUpdate () (at Assets/Scripts/PlayerMovement.cs:27)

    I've done exactly as you showed. Get this above.

  39. Mine just moves down and I can’t move my chararcter

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