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Uncover the Hidden Gems of Modern Pixel Art Adventure Games

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Do you like modern pixel art adventure games? I know that you do becuase we as fans keep gobbling them up whenever developers release them. Well here is a list of 10 best modern point and click adventure games that are loaded with pixel art. Try out these great indie games on PC, Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Experience the nostalgia: Dive into a vast collection of ZX Spectrum skool unblocked game online.

0:00 intro
0:30 Wadjet Eye Games
0:52 Technobabylon
1:10 Thimbleweed Park
1:43 Kathy Rain
2:07 Norco Game
2:37 Lamplight Detective
4:15 Highly Rated Games

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  1. I think it’s just these guys being lazy. Why spend money on making a quality game when everyone buys low quality anyways?

  2. 1:00 um, Dave Gilbert didn't write Technobabylon, James Dearden did – Wajeteye was just the publisher. 😏

  3. Dropsy is a worthy game with lovely pixel art and a lovely characters, who almost entirely rely on the art for their characterization. Trigger warning for those with Coulrophobia, but still recommended for working past it.

  4. "That's a f*** load of moolah!" -Ransome the Clown.
    Play Thimbleweed Park. That is all.

  5. On my Steam "Lamplight Detective" is called "Lamplight City".

  6. Mann unavowed is the best point and click games i ever play :> just worth to mention

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