Top 8 Video Game Art Style Types -

Top 8 Video Game Art Style Types

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Which aesthetics serve the interactive arts the best? Let’s find out!

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  1. Games that are art!!..the story..the visuals r like painting…the music is just perfect… they are ..ori…journey…abzu..flower… hollow knight and GRIS…!!

  2. Isn’t there like 50 different styles for games?

  3. don't forget to pronounce the h in aesthetics!

  4. the biggest problem of this video is that it made me crave pizza

    no wonder, it was little caesar's my childhood favourite
    can't get enough of those breadsticks

  5. HEy cool variatio of games 🙂 Is it legal to use this and make new sound designs over it for my portfolio ??

  6. this idiot did not named the games listed. its not even a list of games. he just goes 7 and starts talking about why he likes art and starts showing random game clips.

  7. Wow that video was way better than I expected.

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