Top 6 Samurai Martial Arts Games of 2021 [New & Upcoming] -

Top 6 Samurai Martial Arts Games of 2021 [New & Upcoming]

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Above Video shows 6 Samurai Games Released in 2020!!!

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00:00 Intro

00:09 6) Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

01:27 5) Final Fantasy VII Remake

03:55 4) Yakuza: Like a Dragon

05:39 3) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

08:02 2) Ghost of Tsushima

11:15 1)Black Myth: Wukong

16:39 Outro

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  1. Literally half the games here were neither ninja or samurai

  2. Me: i want a samurai ninja game
    Mom: we have samurai ninja game at home,
    Game at Home: Final phantasy remake.

  3. wukong and ghost of Tsushima have the best graphic.

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