Top 6 Art Styles in Indie Games -

Top 6 Art Styles in Indie Games

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The Pens&Pixels Popcast counts down their list of the top art styles in indie games.

Tell us what you think in the comments! What’s your favourite art style in an indie game?


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  1. Liked it so much that I hit both the like and subscribe button

  2. I think you need to put more energy into your voices, to keep the audience watching.

  3. Good work on this video but try turning up the gain on your audio mix. You can also use audacity to boost your volume.

  4. jesus.. its like you have 1 dude speaking thats good, normal, maybe even motivated then the other voice you have bored, dread filled, wishing they were not working/ alive … come on man live a little, put some pep in your voice, like you enjoy what you are doing.

  5. The Binding of Isaac is garbage. The only reason it got popular is because the creator was still riding the Super Meatboy hype. Its just a low level Zelda dungeon clone.

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