Top 25 Upcoming Pixel Art Games In 2022 And Beyond -

Top 25 Upcoming Pixel Art Games In 2022 And Beyond

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2022 & 2023 is packed with great pixel art games for PC, Playstation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. So here are the top 25 upcoming pixel art games in 2022 and beyond that we want to play and wishlist.

0:00 – Introduction
0:27 – 25: ANNO: Mutationem:
1:03 – 24: No Place For Bravery:
1:38 – 23: Overloop:
2:15 – 22: Bushiden:
2:48 – 21: Jack Move:
3:19 – 20: Radio The Universe:
3:59 – 19: Gestalt Steam & Cinder:
4:31 – 18: Chinatown Detective Agency:
5:04 – 17: Chained Echoes:
5:45 – 16: Necrofugitive:
6:18 – 15: SANABI:
6:50 – 14: Fraymakers:
7:22 – 13: The Unliving:
7:58 – 12: Lord Of Exile:
8:21 – 11: Freedom Planet 2:
9:01 – 10: Sea Of Stars:
9:38 – 9: Song Of Conquest:
10:12 – 8: Souldiers:
10:53 – 7: REPLACED:
11:33 – 6: Project Warlock II:
12:09 – 5: Conscript:
12:42 – 4: Haiku The Robot:
13:17 – 3: Mago:
13:51 – 2: LUNARK:
14:22 – 1: Sons Of Valhalla:

2022 and 2023 have Pixel art roguelike, fps, JRPG, point and click adventure games, roguelite and other genres.

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The 25 Most Anticipated Pixel Art Games In 2022 And Beyond. And also top pixel art games 2022

If you want to find out some of the best pixel art games out there, this is the video to watch. This is a collection of best indie games 2022 and also new indie games

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  6. sons of valhalla kinda seems like it's heavily inspired by the gameplay style of Kingdom. i'll check it out to confirm or deny my suspicions

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    Top 25 Upcoming Pixel Art Games In 2022 And Beyond

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