Top 25 Upcoming 2D Pixel Art Platformer Games - 2020 & beyond! -

Top 25 Upcoming 2D Pixel Art Platformer Games – 2020 & beyond!

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After having covered the upcoming Metroidvania Games (), let’s take a look at some 2D pixel art Action Platformers that don’t have that same structure but should be fun nonetheless!

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Panzer Paladin ►
Iron Meat ►
Linked Mask ►
Freedom Planet 2 ►
Tiny Thor ►
Brave Earth: Prologue ►
Moonrider ►
Feral Frontier ►
Steel Assault ►
LAZR – A Clothformer ►
Beard Blade ►
Bones ‘n’ Bullets ►
Primal Light ►
Kaze and the Wild Masks ►
Neon Krieger Yamato ►
Leilani’s Island ►
Bushiden ►
Meawja ►
Gravity Circuit ►
Pepper Grinder ►
Gastova: The Witches of Arkana ►
Cyber Shadow ►
Ageless ►

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As a big fan of gaming in general and Indie Games in particular, I decided to create this channel to talk about the best indie game experiences out there. Indie Gaming occupies a near and dear place in my heart and I want to highlight great developers and great games. I simply love the unique ideas that indie game developers come up with and I hope that you will find these videos useful in allowing you to discover the best indie games. Do consider subscribing to keep up with the latest indie games!

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  1. Those are so awesome.2D will never die😎👍

  2. These are some crazy good hits, it looks like. Really looking forward to Steel Assault.!

  3. Played he Beta for Kaze. Despite how it looks, it actually plays a lot more like the original Donkey Kong Country series.

  4. idk why they dont make this kind of games for android even tho the android are capable of this types of games

  5. I am a modern pixel artist: I use 1K millions colors, motion blur, ray tracing, antialiasing, a nuclear GPU and I think "This looks so much like a '90 arcade game!"

  6. Tiny Thor looks nothing like a SEGA Genesis game.. it looks more like a SNES game or an arcade game.
    There's just WAY too many colors in use for it to look like a SEGA Genesis game.
    You could say it looks like a SEGA Saturn game though.

  7. Huntdown looks amazing, kinda reminds me of Flashback (no pun intended)

  8. I cannot believe "Freedom! Do or Die" is not on this list!

  9. Might have said this already, but Panzer Paladin looks amazing. Looks like a mix of Blaster Master and Astyanax. Lots of great looking titles in this list. The pixel art got me drooling 😛

  10. Iron meat is almost like contra

  11. Have you heard of Vibrant Venture? It's a really good 2D indie platformer game that in development right now. It also has early access on Steam next month! You should totally check it out!

  12. What is that cover image? The one with a cobra?

  13. 24:44
    Memories of being electrocuted by the Kirin in Monster Hunter rush back to your mind

  14. Wow, great video! I love each of the games on it! Like, seriously, it was a great experience just to watch the video. I can imagine what great fun to play the actual games. Thanks our lovely channel and all of the game developers!

  15. hmm..there are a few of these 2D pixel games coming out in 2020 videos. I wonder why so many different videos. 😛

  16. Man I hope all these will reach switch….brave earth prolog

  17. Thanks ! Looking indie shooters and run’ n gun games like Iron meat, Mercenary king,…

  18. 10:37 OMG they used the actual sound byte when the train arrives at a station. Any games based on my home town is a winner for me.

  19. Panzer Paladin is like metal warriors on the snes

  20. I’m looking for a platformer. You were a barefoot guy since you never got your boots, one of the pairs of boots you find has poop inside, and you are working in an experiment.
    I’ve tried to find it but I can’t.

  21. I think Kaze is pronounced "kah-zeh". It's japanese for wind. I could be wrong though 🙂 Excellet video!

  22. Iron Meat looks great, seems like a combination of Contra and Metal Slug

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  24. There are so many amazing upcoming Indy games. There is never a need to buy over priced AAA games filled with macro
    transactions and pay to play BS ever again with so many of these amazing games.

  25. Freedom Planet 2 looks like Sonic fused with Nights.

  26. So …. which ones of these games have been released ?

  27. Kaze and the Wild Masks is definitely more like Donkey Kong country 2 than Mario

  28. Moonrider comes off if the guyver was a game on snes,almost all these,if they was on the switch I'd buy every single one

  29. Hi you had mentioned a upcoming title with shadowed characters. It was a hack and slash medevil game I believe. similar to crimson desert. Who you happen to know title name?

  30. wow. Moonrider looks like it's inspired by Power Blade. it actually looks like a remake

  31. 09:00
    one list with only games indies furries!!!, i think it would be cool…

  32. I wish they didn't cheap out with Panzer Paladin and went the 16bit route instead of 8bit. Their mech and character designs deserved it

  33. I just rewatched this video in September 2021 and it's sad how most of these games still aren't out and don't even have a release date listed…Oh well, I guess that's pretty typical with indie games. Hope they come out soon!

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