Top 25 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games - 2021 -

Top 25 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games – 2021

Best Indie Games
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Absolutely love pixel art being used in Indie Games, so here’s a look at 25 upcoming titles that I’m pretty sure will launch by 2021!

00:00 ► Start
00:20 ► #25 Fallen Leaf :
00:54 ► #24 Wind Runners :
02:22 ► #23 ANNO: Mutationem :
03:19 ► #22 Coromon :
04:14 ► #21 Garden Story :
04:42 ► #20 Steel Assault
05:43 ► #19 Backbone :
06:29 ► #18 Iron Vulture :
07:21 ► #17 Death Trash :
08:21 ► #16 Voidigo :
09:42 ► #15 Bushiden :
10:33 ► #14 Everhood :
11:51 ► #13 Rangok Skies :
12:45 ► #12 Chinatown Detective Agency :
14:10 ► #11 Black Skylands :
15:23 ► #10 NYKRA :
16:56 ► #9 Gastova: The Witches of Arkana :
18:07 ► #8 Dwerve :
19:43 ► #7 Potion Permit :
20:32 ► #6 The Unliving :
21:39 ► #5 :
22:35 ► #4 :
23:41 ► #3 :
25:35 ► #2 :
26:55 ► #1 :

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I’m Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

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  1. Everhood looks insane. Reminds me a lot of Undertale, except the gameplay's even crazier

  2. Really looking forward to Potion Permit and the Unliving. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  3. Still waiting for tunic, ghost song and Eitr 🙁

  4. Happy Birthday 🎂🎉…God bless u and your family ❤️

  5. Missed opportunity for all the game not releasing on the switch.

  6. Im a pixel artist, and Im so hyped about Eastward that I started making my own videogame at patreon | histeria_thegame inspired on Eastward's style, so, I hope I can bring you an appealing visual experience as well. Lore and mechanics has nothing to do with Eastward of course or any other game around, its gonna be a Horror game and I hope you find it interesting to be part of the development process. I speak spanish so part of my publications are in spanish, but I will make it in english at first, then spanish and then german.

  7. Iron vulture, dwerve and potion permit are very interesting

  8. 🤣🤣 adventure of selfdiscovery 🤣🤣 i have seen all this art of movies 🤣🤣 … spoiler:its allways the same down there what they find 😋

  9. Cyber shadow looks like a hagane downgrade …

  10. 9:45 bushiden's charge attack sounds like samus's arm cannon in prime o.o

  11. voidigo reminds me of nuclear throne and i really can't wait to play it

  12. Bushiden is more like a spiritual successor of Ninja Warrior.
    Black Skylands is similar to Soldier of Fortune.
    Dwerve is similar to Lock's Quest, but seems more weight on offense than defense.
    By the way, what's the game title at the start of the video?

  13. Wow! The last six titles looks really impressive!! Long live indies!! No one will complain of boring, uninspired, cash grab games ever!!!

  14. Happy birthday mate, sorry I'm late to the party tho, and keep make great videos, you're one of my go to for indie games recommendation nowadays

  15. Anno: Mutationem reminds me of Katana Zero and E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy smh

  16. Hey feliz cumple broo, ojala la pades bien 😀

  17. Where can I download this game? thank you ❤️

  18. Steel Assault is another reason why this is my go to channel for Indie games.

  19. Which games have a Physical Copie for PS4 i need every game on Disk i never buy Digital ?

  20. Happy Birthday bro!!! Oh wait this was 4 months ago. 😄 Still, hope u had fun!

  21. woud love to post playthroughs of these! Happy Birthday video lol i was late here . been a long time fan.

  22. Mighty Goose is the best game so far. Better than pro studio based games. Gunstar heroes caliber.

  23. 11:51 Rangok Skies seems to have a brilliant soundtrack holy fuck
    Can't find it on spotify though 🙁

  24. Which game is the thumbnail? That awesome samurai cyborg guy?

  25. hello whats the name of game in the start ? looks amazing, thanks for the video

  26. Looks like 'Hyper-Light Drifter' really inspired some other great talent! I play that game just to HEAR it..

  27. I played the demo for ANNO: Mutationem yesterday, as it’s back on Steam again until the 13th. Putting aside the lack of polish, and humorous dialogue translations, I was quite impressed by the content on display. Skill Up recently mentioned the game in a video he did about upcoming indies, and I agree with him that the combat on its own wasn’t nothing particularly impressive, but everything else about it otherwise has me keen on giving the full game a try.

    I searched up some old videos and screenshots, and I noticed that each time they were showcasing the game they had a completely new location on display – sometimes multiple. I find myself wondering (though I know I shouldn’t, because going in with expectations is setting yourself up to be disappointed) if ANNO: Mutationem might turn out to be another CrossCode, where the game offers a high-quality experience with a ton of content, yet somehow remains a fairly quiet success. Because despite a couple of the trailers, I’ve heard almost nobody talking about this game, and that’s kind of a surprise to me.

  28. Wind runners, iron vulture, so many! . oh my! 😍

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