Top 25 Best Pixel Art Games On Nintendo Switch | 2023 -

Top 25 Best Pixel Art Games On Nintendo Switch | 2023

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What are the best pixel art games on Nintendo Switch ? Of all the art styles in video games, none has a stronger chokehold on developers and players alike than the humble pixel.

Whether it’s a fantastically detailed modern take on what is possible in pixels, or something made in homage to NES and SNES games of yore, pixel art can be found everywhere, in every genre of game, on every console (no matter how powerful), and in every generation of games too. Some may dismiss pixel art as an old-fashioned art style, but the games in this list show that pixel art can be up there with some of the most beautiful games on Switch.

Just because something adheres to an evident grid doesn’t mean it can’t be utterly gorgeous. So then, here is a list of the “Top 25 Best Pixel Art Games On Nintendo Switch”.

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  1. Anyone know how they pulled off the reflections on the water with kingdom two crowns?

  2. What is the name of the game at the absolute end? (beyond the list)

  3. Added quite a few titles I hadn't heard of to my wishlist, thanks man.

  4. There are so many games I would have swapped out others for.
    Crosscode, Katana Zero, Dead Cells, Celeste
    The fact that none of these is on this list is a crime

  5. Awesome video man this video deserve more views. Liked and Subscribed. 👍

  6. I may have been multitasking but what was the very last game as the video closed out?

  7. Thanks! I've never heard of alot of these!

  8. One worth a mention is Evoland 1 & 2. A true homage to how pixel art evolved over a generation in a single game. It's amazing.

  9. The Messenger is probably my all time favourite indie game.

  10. A Hole New World, Robot Named Fight, Carrion, Dandara, Eternum EX, Itta, Okinawa Rush, Phoenotopia, Riddled Corpses EX, Super Blood Hockey, Valfaris, Wallachia, Xeodrifter, just to add a few.

  11. Hey, thanks for making this. I made an entire list of retro pixel art games I plan to buy on Switch.

  12. No Shovel Knight?!? Also, IMO the list featured far too many RPGs… pixels look and feel the most nostalgic on platformers.

  13. I am really love pixel art games more since eastward came out. Pre ordered the game a month before it released on switch, then got it on steam and later bought the physical copy.

  14. Not really "pixel" but, likened to Huntdown, Black Future 88 has probably the best graphics I seen on a platformer. And a killer soundtrack. And on sale right now for $1.99 is a great deal.

  15. Something to do that's a bonus for the future. Try listing the games in your description or a pin comment thank you.

  16. Putting Blasphemous in that place is… blasphemy. I don't even know how you managed that.

  17. What's the name of the Game that appears at the end? 18:27

  18. Excelent list, personally Owlboy and Octopath traveler blew my mind on the switch.

  19. another AI channel, for about 5 seconds I thought it was a real voice

  20. Awesome vid thx! What’s the game shown at the end after the #1?

  21. A Space for the unbound is great.
    If you like it, play 13 Sentinels.
    Similar 2d sidescrolling adv game

  22. @singleplayer What is the game you are showing right at the end after no. 1???

  23. What is the Game called after #1??? (In the end sequence)

  24. The two best pixel style games on the system for me are Celeste and Fight N Rage….

  25. Nice list, Chained Echo is really one of the best games, both gameplay and story are very good, Narita Boy is a good game too but a little bit short. I also recommend Terraria and Monster Sanctuary.

  26. A great video!
    What is the name of the last game you displayed at the end of the video?
    The last 15 seconds.

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