Top 25 Best Pixel-Art Games for iPhone/iPad & Android 2021 (OFFline/Online) -

Top 25 Best Pixel-Art Games for iPhone/iPad & Android 2021 (OFFline/Online)

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If you’re looking for a good android and ios game to play, you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of video games in this video up that’ll entertain you. Here is 25 best Pixel-Art Games for android and ios games 2021!

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Harvest Town


Guardian Tales

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

Slime Labs

Elemental Dungeon

Android: –



Dark Raider

Apple Arcade

Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon
Apple Arcade

Otherworld Legends

Rowdy City Wrestling

Dentures and Demons 2

Tiny Tomb: Dungeon Explorer

King Crusher

Sprint RPG

Apple Knight

Battle Racing Stars

Dead Cells


Apple Arcade


Stardew Valley


  1. Bro, please try to give timestamps in the videos . 🙏

  2. Isn't harvest town basically a Chinese ripoff of stardew valley tho

  3. btw if someone is confused stardew valley and harvest town are different games harvest town is a rip off of stardew valley

  4. Omg I was searching for xibalba but i was not be able to find it because i could not remember its name. Thanks you so much. Don’t delete this video pls

  5. i really wish they'd stop releasing some of these games on apple arcade, they're missing out on so much more money from android users.

  6. I hate the fact that most of the games in IOS is a hundred times better than those in android

  7. Guys what is that pixel game where you control a scientist / hazmat suit and fight bosses on each level that can one hit kill you but you have the power to stop time if you don't move?

  8. Juego de la miniatura :Harvest Town

  9. I played harvest town in almost 2years and half months and super loved it 😍

  10. Harvest town!!!! XD BEST FARMING GAME EVER!!
    I really want to play Stardrew Valley but u need to buy it..Me broke TwT

  11. 4:25 this is not funny, this game for a apple but i android 🙁

  12. I subscribed because your collection of games are awesome 😘😘

  13. 0:52 Guardian tales is the best of all these games trust me if you love waifus,stories,battle,raid,bosses, challenges,pvp and others you gonna love it well it's online and to be fair you cannot find hack for this game so no cheaters on that game cause I've been playing for months mo almost a year grinding some items there so many players cause they have guilds so fun😁👌

  14. rakugaki kingdom fais uma gameplay desse jogo

  15. Just search “kairosoft” trust me they’re best❤️

  16. Thanks for your suggestions..I really love it…u have new sub

  17. Guys try crimson heart 2..u will love the graphics the smoothness story line and gameplay

  18. I’ve always wanted to make a pixel game but I’ve never had enough patience and talent-

  19. I like pixelated games than 3d games. Cuz it fun and simple.

  20. This dude featured otherworld legends and ignored the true legendary game of chillyroom: Soul Knight

  21. Why dose the first one look like stardew valley?

  22. My favorite is SoulKnight, its not on the list but i reccomend you to try that

  23. Alguien por aquí conocerá un juego de Android(yo lo juegue en Android no sé si habrá salido en otra plataforma).
    Era estilo pixel art de puzzles, lo único que recuerdo es una parte en la que encuentras unas ranas que cantan una melodía, y se la tengo que canta a un mounstro y si no es la correcta te mata.

    Lo he buscado por mucho tiempo y no lo encuentro ni recuerdo el nombre si alguien sabe cuál es se los agradecería

  24. These are the best of the best games that ive ever played in my whole 3 decades of life.
    Ragnarok online – pc
    Exit Fate – rpg maker pc
    Last scenario – rpg maker pc
    Homework Salesman – rpg maker pc
    Tales of the drunken paladin – rpg maker pc
    Suikoden 1 and 2 – ps1
    Stardew valley
    Bitlife – mobile

  25. Пиздёж Guardian Tales весит более гигабайта

  26. Coromon yo te elijo! 😎😂😅😂😂😂😂😑💩

  27. Guys please help me i used to play a game where you've to work to pay your parents debt i remember in the beginning there's a guard and shop

  28. I realized your content in this video is the same as Neon Games, or vice versa

  29. Stardew valley is beter than harvest town

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