Top 20 Upcoming Pixel Art Games Like Zelda - 2020 & beyond! (Action Adventure Games) -

Top 20 Upcoming Pixel Art Games Like Zelda – 2020 & beyond! (Action Adventure Games)

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I do like Zelda inspired Action Adventure titles so here 20 upcoming pixel art picks which look great!

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Eastward ►
Dawnthorn ►
Fallen Angel ►
Tiara the Deceiving Crown ►
Hunt the Night ►
Prisma Light ►
Mystiqa ►
Ada ►
Arietta of Spirits ►
Aethyr ►
Cleo – a pirate’s tale ►
Hazelnut Bastille ►
Toasty ►
Unsighted ►
Mayhem in Single Valley ►
There is No Light ►
Garden Story ►
Outrider Mako ►
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion ►
Radio the Universe ►

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As a big fan of gaming in general and Indie Games in particular, I decided to create this channel to talk about the best indie game experiences out there. Indie Gaming occupies a near and dear place in my heart and I want to highlight great developers and great games. I simply love the unique ideas that indie game developers come up with and I hope that you will find these videos useful in allowing you to discover the best indie games. Do consider subscribing to keep up with the latest indie games!

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  1. Eastward, Dawnthorn, Hazelnut Bastille and Hunt the Night are gonna be must plays for me!

  2. Wow, Radio the Universe looks really good!

  3. i like the videos,like the games
    but the worsty thing is 2019 (same game,2020 same game)
    Dont release any =(
    So sad! hahahahaha
    the waiting hahahaha

  4. Hazelnut Bastille and arietta of spirits oh yeah there is no light and toasty look awesome too

  5. Man, all of these look so good. This is going to hurt my wallet

  6. I want all of these to be released on PC.

  7. Eastward looks so good…but it totally doesn't look like my kind of game at the same time 🙁
    Tiana the Deceiving Crown says Q1 2020 for realease…that doesn't bode well given we are in Q3 without the steam page being updated…..
    Boooo on the 4:3 for Prisma Light
    Aethyr looks awesome!

  8. Dude your content is top notch! i have my wishlist with at least 85% games that share our passion: Pixel art, metroidvania, and action adventure. I wish i could get it down to my library! haha

  9. the pixel art of the first one looks amazing and very detailed!!
    Congratulations for the quality and frequency of your videos.
    Thanks to you I discovered many small masterpieces.
    Greetings from Italy

  10. And again, you bring us some good caviar. Thanks! 😀

  11. Great fucking list. One of your best so far.

  12. I don't know where did you get all this awesome games, but i want to thank you very much for youre hard work. I want to play all of them!!!

  13. Definitely some must-plays on here — your coverage of games like this is unmatched, Clemmy! I am so thankful for two things: 1. The fact that you combine coverage of new games with reminders of games you've discussed in the past, in a really ideal mix. With so many games coming out at uncertain release dates, the reminders about those worth watching is so, so helpful. and 2. It's so great that when you cover games like this on your YT channel, you get 100's of thumbs up and great, excited comments in the comments sections. So many YT comments sections become instantly brain-dead and toxic when a few pixel art games appear in a video, so I'm happy to be among people of shared taste. Pixel indies (as well as other indies) are a big part of my gaming life. Many thanks to you and your awesome channel subscribers! I recently joined your Patreon (under a different name) and hope that everything will keep going well for you and your channel. Cheers!

  14. Hanzelnut and Eastward!! I want it to come out. Ada too!! I actually love all these zelda-themed games. There are too many, 😩 each video you upload increases my shopping list.. I'll have to become youtuber so I can play them all while still working so I dedicate myself to this 😍 But I'd like to see dates When possible 😅 Greetings and a lot of health these horrible days 😩

  15. You got many that are in my "Will play" list this time: Eastward has been in my watchlist since I discovered it, looks very fucking cool, Fallen angel has too, Hunt the knight looks dope and the Gloomy Dark theme is just cool (It kinda reminds me of Dark devotion in a way.), Prisma light, obviously, since it looks amazing and so cute but dark at the same time, Ada because it looks very awesome and reminds me a lot of Drifty Boi, Aethyr because just looks dope and has variety looks like the combat system is just great, Cleo because I really like games of explore and adventure with puzzles, Toasty because it's cute … Yeah I can be so simple, Mayhem because it reminds me somehow of lone survivor but lighter, there is no light, the combat looks fucking awesome, Garden Story, cute, once again and looks pretty chilling, Outrider, I love it, the Japanese theme looks fucking awesome, Radio the universe, I really was hoping for this one it's gorgeous and cool, it has been on my list a long time.

    Didn't know Unsighted will play it, thanks!

    And, sorry if I didn't specify that much, but, I didn't want to make this so long, but, almost each one has my attention for different reasons.

  16. Kept showing the same TBA indie games from the previous.. still no release dates?? ☹️

  17. Dawn Thorn hits me too hard with Nostalgia. It's in my Wishlist for awhile and egar to see it come out

  18. I hope that voice acting on Hazelnut Bastille is only present in the trailer… The game looks awesome though. Also, great list, glad to add some more to my wishlist!

  19. I've fallen a bit behind recently. I've been going through watching the old TotalBiscuit WTF Is videos, looking for games. Surprisingly, most of them are not any cheaper now than they were then, some are, but most are the same price.I just got through all the 2011 ones, I"'m like halfway though Jan of 2012. But I figured l should get caught up on my modern indies too. So I'm back for now.

  20. hunt the night looks really good i love pixel art but having said that they all look great

  21. Been following Radio the universe for longer than i can remember, the only game i actually considered funding on there.

  22. Turnip boy commits tax evasion looks kinda fun.

  23. Voice over for Hazelnut Bastille is hella dumb but game looks cool.

  24. The first few seconds of the trailer for Radio the Universe gave me chills. Looks outstanding.

  25. Can you pls make one video on android pixel art games. BTW i love your work.

  26. Maan, all of these games looks awesome af, definitely will download this video to remind me of these games so that when they come out i can play it, thank you so much for making this man

  27. Dawnthorn is a complete copy xD
    Gonna test it out

  28. Personally the lofi pixel aesthetic is getting a bit tired. The games are fine, but alot of them lack an identity and the characters are a bit to basic looking for my tastes. Hazelnut Bastiel and Dawnthorn might be copying Zelda alot more than most of them, but they stand out because of how colorful and nice looking the sprites are. Nothing against the developers of the other games though, as making games is hard and time consuming.

  29. looking forward to hunt the night, especially if the pixel arts improvements will happen. I don't dislike pixel art but I just so happen to buy and play a truckload of them lately that generic looking ones feel like a bore to me.

  30. Thank u
    Could you please make a video with games like Mother Russia Bleeds?

  31. Hunt the Night, Ada both need Steam pages, so that I stop forgetting about them. 😮

    Update for anyone interested: There is no Light is seeking additional funding via Kickstarter, and there's a demo available now on Steam.

  32. Great videos. There’s so many great indie/small publisher games coming out now it’s hard to keep up.

    PS your English is mostly good. One tip – it pronounced “doo-oh” not “dwo” 👍

  33. If eastward gotta delay then eastward gonna delay. But damn I wished they gave us a date. Or a month.

  34. I've been working in a Zelda style game for a while and seeing dawnthorn makes me want to cry. It looks so good and there's no way I can live up to that kinda thing

  35. I've actually tried a beta/testing version of Fallen Angel at ECGC 2018

  36. Can you please stop promoting obvious clones? Eastward is fresh and original for example, but Dawnthorn is almost exactly like Zelda 1. Hell, even it's soundtrack sounds like the Zelda main theme! Fallen Angel is another obvious copy of Hyper Light Drifter, the overworld, the dungeons, the enemies all scream Hyper Light Drifter. Prisma Light has also copied a lot of things from HLD, with the main character's cape and even the game's name being the most obvious ones. It's always okay to get inspired from older or successful games and trying to get some stuff from them into your game, but straight-off copying is something you should not be praising. It disrespects the original developers and encourages new developers to cheat their way through and make an easy profit. People work hard to achieve their own art style, soundtracks, character designs and I see a lot of new games that look JUST like copies of older successful ones. People should know that there is a line between inspiration and imitation.

  37. The overworld has a very Earthbound feel to it, I like that.

  38. I think my favorite on this list is dawnthorn

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