TOP 20 STUNNING Upcoming PIXEL ART Games 2021 & 2022 | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch -

TOP 20 STUNNING Upcoming PIXEL ART Games 2021 & 2022 | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch

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Top Upcoming Pixel Art Games 2021 & 2022 – New Amazing 2D Upcoming Games 2021 – Best Upcoming Pixel Art Games Games 2021 & Beyond

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  1. nice video, I'm impressed by a lot of these titles.

  2. My favourite is anno and vats other lives
    Great list man, all games on the list is my next wishlist .. Thank you for good content 😀😁 #indielover

  3. Could you please add the twitter accounts for the games, so I can follow the ones I am interested in. Thanks!

  4. u should part part ur videos
    so we can know what time is for next games & next & next
    i mean timing time
    for example
    time 22:10 is A game
    22:50 is B game

  5. Imagine just getn a xbox jus for Loot River lol. I might just do that


    Commodore & Amiga



  7. Really looking forward to The Last Night. Hopefully they will have a physical release for switch.

  8. the most beautiful games keep on being ruined by turn based figth horseshit

  9. some of them are actually kinda meh looking, art-wise…
    some good tho.

  10. Oh my goodness, these games are gorgeous!!!

  11. These new 2d pixel games. Is it truely pixel sprites made in traditional way? Animations looks so good, so I'm wondering if it in fact 3d models with pixel skins on it.

  12. i cant wait for the remakes of these games. it would be like final fantasy 7 remake. just wow

  13. These games look like they need talent to make. All the 3d games nowadays the software does it for you and you just place objects.

  14. SNES graphics, but you need a $2000 computer from 30 years later to play these games. That's some serious soy deving.

  15. Não é possível que em pleno século 21 nenhum desses jogos terá legendas em PT-BR do Brasil !
    Mas que lista foda vc fez meus parabéns por essa lista incrível que vc apresentou pra gente
    Ganhou mais um inscrito e deixando meu Like pra fortalecer seu trabalho
    Traga mais conteúdo desse tipo para seu canal com jogos em 2D PIXEL ART ,
    Isso me leva de volta a minha infância .

    Mais uma vez meus parabéns pelo trabalho

  16. What's sad is that Eitr is not on this list and probably will never be.

  17. damn sacrifire looks really visually pleasing.

  18. sea of stars seems too beautiful to handle. Seriously, there is too much movingness and nostalgia and some can't handle it

  19. Replaced shouldnt be considered "full pixel art" imo.

  20. ''Replaced'' looks bloody brilliant. Can't wait!!

  21. why is youtube suggesting this to me?

  22. Pixel art games is like classical music. There's new songs, but the classics are forever beautiful.

  23. Now I have a name for the type of game that I like: Pixel Art! Thanks, very nice games you showed us on this video! I hope that they make more games like these! And it will be even better if they starting to given us crt filters like the one I saw in sonic mania! the best filter I have seen!!!

  24. Sea of Stars look incredibly enticing on the Switch. I hope the developer provide the option to ADJUST THE FONT/TEXT SIZE IN THE GAME! Otherwise it'll be so wasted on the Switch Lite.

  25. Unmetal looks like a remake of Metal Gear 1 circa 1986. Lol. Looks dope, though.

  26. Bushiden is the only good looking one. Because it actually looks like a 16-bit game (with a few subtly improved touches), rather than a weird approximation of it. We want developers to USE pixels to create characters and worlds, we don't want to be able to COUNT the pixels.

  27. Thank you so much for this video! It's been a long time since I have been this excited about the state of and future of gaming. Keep up the amazing work 😀

  28. The Pixel is evolving, not dying ;P …. silly graphics snobs

  29. No save system no buy. I prefer playing old DOS pixel games with proper save systems.

  30. Half these games are NOT "Pixel Art". Most are simply modern retro 2d games, the ONLY games I consider to be TRUE pixel art are the HD-2D games that look like Octopath Traveler with either the foreground or background being HD graphics and the other having a Pixel Art Style OR if the game is HD graphics that chose to LOOK like their pixel graphics. If the entire game is literally nothing but a modern version of 8 and 16 bit games, using 8 and 16 bit graphics then it is NOT in any way "Pixel Art".

  31. Interesting list of games but half the games you showed you are wrong about what platforms they support

  32. That game replaced😀😃…wow. cant wait

  33. Tiny Thor (+ it´s a cute game I´d pick up) is the only game I noticed that is eye and seizure friendly.. Gosh! the rest are so full of seizure inducing white flashes and eye straining fast whole camera moves… just why…

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