Top 20 NEW Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games of 2020 and Beyond -

Top 20 NEW Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games of 2020 and Beyond

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2020 is jam packed with amazing looking new pixel art indie games. Here’s our picks of the top 20 best new upcoming pixel art indie games of 2020 to play on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Top 20 Best New Upcoming Pixel Art Games of 2020:

0:25 – 20: The Last Night:
0:56 – 19: Coffee Talk:
1:27 – 18: Pecaminosa:
1:50 – 17: Lair of the Clockwork God:
2:16 – 16: Yes, Your Grace:
2:43 – 15: Inmost:
3:16 – 14: Eitr:
3:57 – 13: Zhelter:
4:22 – 12: Flynn: Son of Crimson:
5:00 – 11: ITTA:
5:39 – 10: Eastward:
5:56 – 9: Ministry of Broadcast:
6:35 – 8: Forgone:
7:03 – 7: Massive Galaxy:
7:21 – 6: Eldest Souls:
7:46 – 5: NYKRA:
8:09 – 4: Scrounge Bringer:
8:52 – 3: Death Trash:
9:29 – 2: Backbone:
10:14 – 1: Carrion:

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  1. In 2020, if you're putting your indie game on consoles but NOT the Switch, you're doing it wrong.

  2. The Last Night looks fantastic, but I thought it was cancelled. I wish more games were pixel art. Computer graphics, which seem to be the norm nowadays, is really a step down. Pixel art is art, computer graphics are not.

  3. There’s this other game I’m trying to find and I can’t find it and it bothers me

  4. Dude there's this game called fallen angel coming its so gud dde you might wna check out

  5. Uhm … Forgone is Pixelated 3D …so not set Pixel by Pixel Art … or am i in the wrong neighbourhood

  6. NICE iwant all of them. Me gustan muchos juegos de AQUI

  7. Never seen a Stoneshard even once being mentioned on your channel and i feel weird about it.

  8. Now that what im looking for Zhelter game when will it come out?? I cant wait.

  9. The best modern pixel art games I played are Gods will be watching, Kingdom Two Crowns, Hotline Miami 1 and 2, Bro force, Zombie Night Terror, Convoy, Terraria and Machia Villain (That one is not a pixel art game, but it's super awesome)

  10. hi is there any beta for zhelter ? id like to play this 🙁

  11. Last Night maybe resembles to much the old game FlashBack? That was the first thing that came to mind.

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