Top 20 BEST LOOKING Pixel Art Indie Games! -

Top 20 BEST LOOKING Pixel Art Indie Games!

Best Indie Games
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I love pixel art games so here are my picks of the BEST, updated as of 2022.

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00:00 ► Dead Cells
00:14 ► #20 Flynn: Son of Crimson :
00:46 ► #19 Hyper Light Drifter :
01:20 ► #18 Noita :
02:13 ► #17 The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] :
02:55 ► #16 Owlboy :
03:53 ► #15 Touhou Luna Nights :
04:42 ► #14 Steel Assault :
05:57 ► #13 Death’s Gambit: Afterlife :
06:58 ► #12 Blazing Chrome :
07:49 ► #11 Prodeus :
08:25 ► #10 :
08:54 ► #9 :
10:04 ► #8 :
10:45 ► #7 :
11:36 ► #6 :
12:25 ► #5 :
13:11 ► #4 :
13:40 ► #3 :
14:31 ► #2 :
15:16 ► #1 :

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  1. hey guys, can you tell me the current state of souldiers on pc? is it still broken? are the saves still corrupting? By the way, is the game really worth it? he's been in my sights for some time now, but I'm afraid to pick him up because of the general discussions that point to the huge number of problems

  2. Best for me: Blasphemous, Dead Cells and Valfaris.

  3. It’s blasphemous not to put a single classic game on here. Do you not play games that were made more than 5 years ago? Prodeus looks ok but pretty bad compared to final fantasy iv, v, vi, or chrono trigger.

  4. Nice list (and I mean that sincerely), but none of these titles even comes close to the quality and artistry of the pixel art in Street Fighter III or Metal Slug.

    However, I for one am always happy to see pixel art getting some well-deserved love 🙂

  5. I do have some annoyances with metroidvania genre that towards the end, when all map have been explored, when the game want to solve some puzzle or solve some quest there is always some triggers that is so miniscule from the rest of the landscape simply because there is too much repeated patterns which our brain already exclude. When i found the triggers I felt already done with the game.

    I stopped playing axiom verge towards the end because of this, can't finish iconoclast. Even if the game have more fun after enduring all that, u kinda know what will conclude as the end game, so i just move to other game rather than having a time not of fun.

  6. It's unfortunate for CrossCode that its visuals are detracted by all of those floating numbers in combat. Really, that goes for any game that has beautiful animations only to have the screen become so busy with a ton of information being actively thrown out.

  7. Blasphemous still looks the best in my opinion.

  8. i feel you could EASILY take off Eternal Castle for CoM. Eternal Castle is a special kind of ugly 🤷‍♂️

  9. 0:25 I should have known I was being gaslit! 😭Before the game came out, I would have sworn that it was supposed to be a metroidvania, so when it finally did come out and it wasn't, I was confused, and wondered if I had a false memory or not. Turns out, I wasn't crazy after all. Honestly the game suffered from changing it into a non-metroidvania. The combat, level progression system, enemies, and level design, all lend itself to being a metroidvania game. It's still a good game though, but could have been so much better. A shame to be sure, maybe if they ever make a sequel, they could make it the metroidvania game it was meant to be.

  10. Ack! You made me buy the entire list. Except for the ones I had already…

  11. If you like this types of games i recommend you the game wizard of legend. It's a very good game that you should try

  12. nice to see iconoclast in the list 🙁 such a good game

  13. We'll do our best to push the pixel art style aesthetic in our game to make your list some day… Great titles… great video!!

  14. My Dearest appologies, but I'm adding:
    "Scourge Bringer" to the List.

    You'll just have to define the list as " Hand painted" or "2d only" to oust the 'Fringe' contenders like Prodeus and Dead Cells… But I guess that means another "Best Hybrid Pixel games of all time" Video for you to make…

  15. They still made pixel art for dead cells. If their engine was technically a 3D engine whats the difference? On the contrary they innovated with Dead Cells unique look. It should be Nr1 on the list.

  16. Doomsday Hunters. Absolutely gorgeous pixel art.

  17. Prodeus it's actually using shaders to give a pixellated lood to 3d models, so it's exactly like dead cells

  18. All these games def look to be worth playing! Super impressed with that FPS game. Eastward aesthetically reminds me of Mother 3.

  19. I absolutely cannot stand how you talk, are you doing that on purpose?

  20. Man, there are more thing than action platformers or arpgs

  21. I see there are a lot of games to include in the list, but I'm not going to lie to you. In fact, I swear I've loved every single game that makes it to this list. Is there a problem with me or do I love pixel art madly?

  22. We have a new champion. Nice. Still have to play that number 1.

  23. Eastward would have been bigger if the lead dev hadn't been outed as right wing Trump supporters right before the game launch, lol. He tried to clean it up but the damage was done.

  24. Perhaps not a great game, but Orange blood has amazing pixel art as well

  25. I would have absolutely loved Cross Code if it weren't for the active battle system. If it was a traditional turn based combat system it'd be damn near flawless in my eyes. But the combat as it is soured the whole thing for me and I never finished it. It's a real shame too. I put a dozen hours into it and hated every second I was in combat. I loved the characters, the story, the art style, the puzzles, the dungeons. But once combat started I just wanted to turn it off.

  26. I'm fairly sure that only the MC and enemies are 3d models in Dead Cells. The levels, setpieces, NPCs and all that are hand drawn.

  27. If I'm not mistaken two of the top ten (Songs of Conquest & Blasphemous) share an artist – Thomas Friedrich. He's worth looking up, he has an incredible portfolio

  28. Isn't Cuphead considered a pixel art game? What about rainworld…

  29. YES!! FINALLY!!!! Some love for Iconoclasts!!!!!!

  30. Monster Sanctuary could be honorable mention

  31. Souldiers looks great but it’s still mostly useless on anything but PC.

  32. Star renegades looks amazing, does it have a Switch physical release?

  33. What mechanic is unique in Steel Assault? Looks like Contra or Strider in regards to mechanics. Thanks for making this video 🙏🏼

  34. dude i once saw a trailer for a pixel art game of a guy and a girl in a kind cyber punk futuristic word but i completely missed it. do u have any idea what it could be? I think it was a narrative game

  35. I love your videos! I know it would be a ton of work, but if you made a top-100 or even a top-50 'best looking pixel art games' video, you would be doing a great service to the modernized retro game community. All the games youve picked here are sooo flippin' sweet! Thanks again and much respect and love from Colorado!

  36. Steel Assault has similar gunplay as Metal Slug tho

  37. Flynn son of crimson is an underrated gem – I love this game, its a fantastic plattformer in every way – I had a great time playing it and can highly recommend it!

  38. Songs of conquest might be the most beautiful game I've ever seen, it blows my fucking mind how nice it is to look at. Sadly I didn't enjoy playing the actual game itself, it's like it's missing a soul or something. Felt like a 10/10 girl with zero personality lol

  39. the art in hyper light drifter is my favourite art in any game I've ever played imo

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