Top 17 Offline Pixel Art Games For Android & iOS Part 2 -

Top 17 Offline Pixel Art Games For Android & iOS Part 2

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Best offline (play without internet connection no wifi needed) pixel art games for android & iphone 2020 part 2 l VinIsHere

Part 1 of offline pixel art games:-

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Following are the games name & links:-

1)Ultimate Reality:-

2)Apple Knight-

4)Dead Eyes-

4)Retro City Rampge Dx-

5)The Witch Isle-

6)Top Run: Run pixel Adventure:-

7)Evoland 2-


9)Fury Road Survivor-

10)Gun Slug 3-

11)Draw Chilly-

12)The Escapist 2-


14)Tiny Klepto-

15)Mini DayZ-

16)Unbroken Soul-

17)Hyper Light Drifter-

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  1. Ok,So if y'all wanna play MiniDayZ,Here are something for you that you must know:
    -Shotguns are OP as fuck if you were to use them in a VERY close range
    -You can beat the shit out of zombies if you stay in a house and stay very close to the door, don't walk out,stay in and at a certain point where the door will open if you get close to it
    -ALWAYS carry 1 extra food and water,Rice and Kvas is highly recommend because they fill up more than half of your hunger/thirst bar
    -The craftable bag is very good,1 rope,1 sack and you got a 3 slot bag, combine the bag with 5 sticks you get 2 more,keep in mind that the bag is very fragile,that said it's repairable
    -Gun accuracy will heavily fall upon moving,if you were being chased by a wolf or zombie wait till they get very close to you to get an almost direct shot while on the move
    -The first perk for you to choose is the Night Vision, because night time can make you almost blind
    -Semi auto rifles are better than automatic rifle/submachine gun,they deal more damage,more accurate,and has a higher chance for headshots,This will help you against bandits and thugs
    -Get the perk that allows you to know that there are other survivors/bandits nearby (I forgot what it's called),this perk will help you to know if there are any survivors,allies,bandits or thugs nearby
    -NEVER fight the thugs without a firearm
    I hope that this helps you a lot in your MiniDayZ survival journey,no need to thank me…I just want to help you…

  2. I came for the thumbnail yet I can't play it cuz' I'm using an android phone. I have given up on Google Play Store's recommendation cuz' it sucks. Fuck life.

  3. AD can you tell me…
    What is internal recoding by app. Please help me…

  4. I can only say that VinIsHere is the only one who can reccommend the REAL TOP AND BEST GAMES. Unlike other channels who just put random games and call it "Best Top 10 Games of …"

    And most of them are not time oriented. Some put in the title like "Best Games of March 2020" when March just arrived. You need to put games AFTER the month. Some recommend uring the month but it's always AFTER OR ON THE FIRST DAY.

  5. Lo malo es que no están en español

  6. 18)Death Road To Canada
    19)On My Own
    Thats all i know lol

  7. Fury Roads Survivor isn't a pixel art game lmao

  8. Si quieren aburrimiento extremo descarguen "7 años de espera"
    O algo así se llamaba

  9. When inside is gonna available in android ?

  10. An apple a day keeps the doctor away… FOREVER BECAUSE HES DEAD, APPLE KNIGHT CAUSED THIS YOU IDIOT!!

  11. I hope it is free when I look at the app store
    Edit: 😐

  12. Please make a video for free offline games.

    1. 0:19 Ultimate Reality / 61 MB

    2. 0:50 Apple Knight / 40 MB

    3. 1:24 Dead Eyes / 45 MB

    4. 1:54 Retro City Rampage / 16 MB

    5. 2:30 The Witch's Isle / 60 MB

    6. 3:07 Top Run: Retro Pixel / 51 MB

    7. 3:38 Evoland 2 / 323 MB

    8. 4:14 Ailment / 32 MB

    9. 4:47 Fury Roads Survivor / 73 MB

    10. 5:21 Gunslug 3 / 70 MB

    11. 5:51 Draw Chilly / 45 MB

    12. 6:24 The Escapists 2 / 406 MB

    13. 6:52 Gunzolla / 24 MB

    14. 7:28 Tiny Klepto / 35 MB

    15. 8:00 Mini Dayz / 39 MB

    16. 8:33 Unbroken Soul / 26 MB

    17. 9:06 Hyper Light Drifter (IOS) / 851 MB

  14. I Like This Channel Because He Never Click Bait

  15. Thanks for including Ultimate Reality on the list!

  16. Why the ios games is always more interesting?

  17. Oie me gustó que dice cuánto pesa

  18. For those who are looking for a game for android that is not too big, my tip is "Night Racing" developer "Rafael C" same icon in my photo, you can find on google play, it's a race against time to recover the stars of the night, the more stars you recover the more starry the sky becomes

  19. Want is the title of the background music

  20. Guys what is that one iPhone pixel game where you control a scientist or a guy in a hazmat suit and fight through levels with one enemy / boss and they fight in a bullet hell like style and you only get hit once to die?

  21. One of these game is paid so i do it in happymod

  22. Guys u have to try Soul knight it’s an amazing game

  23. I would also like to suggest super phantom cat parts 1 and 2!

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