Top 15 Pixel-Art Games For Android & iOS 2022 [OFFline / Online] -

Top 15 Pixel-Art Games For Android & iOS 2022 [OFFline / Online]

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In this video, we’ll highlight the best pixel art games to play in 2022.

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Ragnarok: The Lost Memories

World Flipper


Revived Witch

The Survivalists™
Not available on android!

Mini DAYZ 2


Not available on ios!

Moonrise Arena

Not available on ios!


Retro Goal

Mr. Hopp’s Manor Escape

Stranger Things: 1984

Toziuha Night

Not available on ios!

Not available on android!


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  1. What day survivalist on Android like it's been years!!

  2. How can you play moonlighter, is it from a link or something? Pls tell us🥺

  3. Did FOREGON has the same developer of Dead Cell?Because the art and gameplay almost the same.Though it seem to have more battle animation.

  4. Thx for the vid now o can download some offline ganes while my dad grounded me at pc

  5. Why moonlighter is not capable in my Device

  6. You should also check Pixel Mage Survival on Android. Great game, similar to Vampire Survivors with a lot of skills and hundred artifacts.

  7. 1. 0:15 ragnarok: the lost memories 2. 0:49 world flipper3. 1:30 sparklite 4. 2:12 revived witch 5. 2:56 the survivalists 6. 3:31 mini dayz 27. 4:12 arrowbound 8. 4:43 moonrise arena 9. 5:30 moonlighter 10. 6:02 retro goal 11. 6:22 mr. Hopp's manor escape 12. 6:44 stranger things: 198413. 7:11 toziuha night 14. 7:46 foregone 15. 8:19 coromon

  8. Literally the only mobile games youtuber who has amazing choices of games that I watch.But rarely uploads 😞

  9. Hello,

    I'm the developer of the Archer's World that is a game available on android platform.

    I was thinking if you want to play this game and to see if you like it.

    The game have 100 levels for now, 6 realms, 7 archers, a lot of enemies and many challenges.

    I wish you success in the future!

    Thank you, have a nice day!

  10. comment to promote the channel, thanks for the good games🙃

  11. moonlighter is not available in my country india

  12. these games are badass tanks for this men really Awesome

  13. thank you GameBox for the pixel game this time it's great 👍🏻

  14. Guardian tales??? I think GT is best pixelart rpg game in mobile.And maybe you can analisis size of revived witch i think that full size is 3gb

  15. If anyone wants great time killer pixel games
    I suggest
    Moonlighter and Kingdom two crowns

  16. Hello, love the video. How can I contact you?

  17. Panita me encantan sus videos siempre los veo pero porque la mayoría de los juegos que traes no funcionan para Latinoamérica soy de Colombia y siempre me sale en tu país no está disponible
    Pero bueno gracias por tus vídeos 😊

  18. Would you please make gamepad-powered games?

  19. Hello! I haven’t found any contacts, so I’ll write it there. Please, pay attention for game PC Tycoon, maybe you like it and add in your video! Sorry to bother you, but I don’t know another way to promote my game(

    P.s. I’m sorry if my English isn’t so good

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