Top 15 Open World Pixel-Art Games -

Top 15 Open World Pixel-Art Games

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0:00 Nova Lands
0:37 Little Witch in the Woods
1:11 The Survivalists
1:46 Atomicrops
2:40 Westerado: Double Barreled
3:15 Octopath Traveler
3:49 UnderRail
4:28 Sun Haven
5:00 Roots of Pacha
5:36 Dave the Diver
6:11 Chained Echoes
7:18 Death Trash
8:04 Kynseed
8:44 Starbound

9:13 Sea of Stars


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  2. Можете снять видео ролик на средний ПК,просто недавно приобрел i5 10400f rtx. 3050 и не знаю во что поиграть

  3. Спасибо за игры жалко половина не потянет😢😢 мой пк очень слабый

  4. I see games like this and it just makes me miss my gameboy 😭

  5. Очень интересно, куда делась девочка озвучивающая на русском?

  6. А что-то про покемонов в таком формате есть?

  7. Which of these has no turn based elements?since i bought my rog ally im do in love with pixel games but i don't like turn based.

  8. в "Little wich in the woods" графика похожа на "Potion permit", но геймплей гораздо увлекательнее. Жаль только, что нельзя выбрать мужского персонажа :С Мой пенис негодует!

  9. Забавно наблюдать "Octopath Travler" в жанре "open world". Пометка: "Открытый мир", это огромный шар-локация, в которой разбросаны точки интереса и тебе необходимо их исследовать, попадая в какие-то случайные интеракции по пути к этим точкам. Есть ли такое в большинстве приведённых игр списка? Едва ли. И в этом списке не хватает "Sheltered", которая описывается жанром "open world+survival"

  10. Последняя игра в списке "Sea of Stars" выйдет 29 августа, по этому её ещё нет. Также, вышла "Octopath travler 2", но на торренты она ещё не попала.

  11. вы обалдели, заливать себе на канал чужие видео даже без перевода, канал вкрай обленился

  12. Chained Echoes, easily goty! Sea of Stars will be the next one <3

  13. UnderRail is in high definition. Does Pixel Art means that sprites are drawn, with the old-school animation style of the 80's and before ? Edit : I prefer a 4K pixel-art than a false 720 pixels art with pixels rotating. UnderRail is not lying. It can be run on an old TV screen.

  14. When you say zed zone is one of the best, the image shows a big robots whose pixels are rotated. 7:08 Why using pixels ? They can draw diagonals, so they can draw a line instead. With the real little pixels. This is so strange to make pixels rotate. Don't do pixel-art if you use pixels textures instead of pixels. Do voxels rotate in minecraft ? Yes. I hate Minecraft. ahah. I like your top videos.

  15. You should try to learn to talk more freely and interesting instead of this uninspiring boring reading.

  16. I want to recommend “tales of the neon sea” gorgeous pixel art

  17. Ahh Finally a top games video with games that aren't well known and I probably wouldn't have discovered without this video.

  18. Thanks for the recommendations! I have a love for pixel games despite not having played a lot of them. Maybe it's the style? It's fascinating to me. Combined with open-world elements and the narrative aspect, this compilation will definitely help me out.

  19. there isnt a mmo pixel art like tibia but with hammerwatch 2 mobility?

  20. Just played sea of stars and I want to play more pixel games like that I love it

  21. TBH i have hundred of hours in starbound with mods, and this game destroyed my expectations. no other space game can replace it, it's what NMS wanted to be, with mod you have, dozen of species with lore, customisable ships, recrutable crew, a GOOD crafting logic progression, MECHS (sections in space with them are shooter like) encounter friendly ship or board fanatics/pirate ones, build cities and attract residents, build a space station, good quests (put elithean alliance to double the game content) cities and dungeons everywhere based on species, multiplayer and even a free server to host a persistent universe and most important point, one of the most incredible OST ever (7h hours!) that just touch your soul. still working with it in background.

  22. Sun Haven looks like a straight up clone from Stardew Valley

  23. Starbound is easily my favorite on that list. I'm at just under 2000 hours so far. With the Frackin Universe mod, it's constant entertainment.

  24. I'm looking for a game that's better than stardew valley and still haven't found it sigh

  25. Most of the game are for the Nintendo Switch too. Omaewa mou

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