Top 15 Martial Arts Games Part 2 -

Top 15 Martial Arts Games Part 2

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Martial arts have informed all media for years, and video games are no different. And while games are yet to have anything approaching the iconic quality of martial arts movies, there have still been some great ones over the years. Here are fifteen such games.

👉The Best 15 Martial Arts Games Part 1

00:00 Intro
0:40 Injustice 2
1:42 Killer Instinct
2:53 Street Fighter V
4:12 Dead or Alive 6
5:37 SoulCalibur VI
7:09 Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks
9:52 Jet Li Rise to Honor
11:49 Def Jam Fight for NY
14:24 Urban Reign
15:51 Virtua Fighter 5
16:48 The Legend of Korra
19:28 Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise
20:56 Ho Tu Lo Shu The Books of Dragon
23:41 Martial Arts Capoeira
25:11 Jade Empire

Suggest your thoughts… and what’s your favorite game

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  1. Number 7. Is my pick. I play it still today and I❤the soundtrack too.

  2. Jade Empire really could benefit from a remaster on all platforms. I played through it so much on the Xbox and to this day still ranks in my top five games.

  3. Only 2 I might try is Yakuza and judgement

  4. Rise to Honor. My favorite. PlayStation needs to remake the game like they did Resident Evil 2

  5. What?! No the original Shenmue?! I guess you never played Shenmue, dude. In Shenmue, you have to build your skills through training and sparring, learn from a skill book or from a various masters. You are missing out, dude.

  6. def jam the shit used to play that shit with. my big bro

  7. UFC game series
    Boxing games

    and not sure if below can be considered martial arts games, but there elements of martial arts and martial arts moves,
    Xuan Yuan Sword 7

    Sword and Fairy 7

    Tale of Wuxia

    Dragon Ball fighting games
    Naruto fighting games

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