Top 15 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Roguelike/Roguelite Indie Games - 2020-2021 -

Top 15 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Roguelike/Roguelite Indie Games – 2020-2021

Best Indie Games
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I love rogue-lites since the replayability allows for hours upon hours of entertainment, so here are the Top 15 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Roguelike/Roguelite Indie Games for 2020-2021.

00:00 ► Start
00:13 ► 15. Dungeon Drafters :
00:45 ► 14. Rogue Souls :
01:11 ► 13. Renaine :
01:54 ► 12. Despot’s Game :
03:02 ► 11. Undungeon :
04:02 ► 10. After Gloom :
04:59 ► 9. 30XX :
05:36 ► 8. TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity :
06:18 ► 7. Hell Can Wait :
06:46 ► 6. Revita :
07:45 ► 5. Metal Mind :
09:05 ► 4. Blade Assault :
09:40 ► #3 :
10:53 ► #2 :
11:50 ► #1 :

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I’m Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

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  1. It's pronounced "dōdij" it means old age lol

  2. thanks to you im descovering some amazing hidden gems , and its all so nostalgic from the pixel era xD thanks Man :=)

  3. Seeing this video, I fell in love with pixel art games even more

  4. Станислав Матвиенко says:

    Don't forget about I, Dracula: Genesis and Rising Hell.

  5. a lot of beautiful games
    DotAge looks like a good one, I'm wishlisting it

  6. Pretty excited for Dungeon Drafters. I think the first rogue-like I ever played was Azure Dreams for the PS1, which is still one of my all time favorite games to date. When I found out that the peculiar dungeon/battle system from Azure Dreams was actually that of the Mystery Dungeon series, I then started playing Shiren the Wanderer for SNES and fell in love with that as well. To this day, I'm still mostly interested in mystery dungeon-like's as far as rogue-likes go (though I'm also interested in more metroidvania rogue-like hybrids like A Robot Named Fight), but sadly, it seems that there just aren't a lot of these mystery dungeon-likes being made, so if Dungeon Drafters is anything like that, which it appears to be, then I will probably play the bejeezus out of it.

  7. It's not an indie game, but there's a shinro the wanderer coming to switch and pc this year.

  8. Nice video! I can see that you like pixelart as much as I do! hahahah I'm really enjoying

  9. I am really looking foward to Dungeon Drafters, I always get exited with games that let you play as a magic user most games make you play as a dude with a sword or a dude with a gun. We need more Witches and Wizards in gaming!

  10. Poker Quest is missing, guess cuz not pixels. Great game though.

  11. Thanks for your videos, I almost always find something to add on my wishlist.

  12. It shocks me that most Rogue likes are nothing like Rogue.

  13. It was only a matter of time before someone made a game called "Rogue Souls". Amazed it took this long.

  14. No Fight Knight :<
    That one was promising title…

  15. Well now I know where Sachiel went after EVA.

  16. You should check out a game called Elsie! Though release it probably a bit far out for videos like this.

  17. It was confirmed by the team a while ago that UnDungeon won't have any rogue-like elements. A bummer but yeah developpement was just a mess !

  18. as much as i would like to see After Gloom see the light of day, the developer has said in his Discord channel that it's been put on indefinite hiatus because of him going to university, so.. he did say he was working on a smaller project though

  19. Thanks to you man I have at leat 10 indie games in my wish list… And can only get 1..maube 2 haha.

  20. the fact that 30xx made it into pixelaed style made the game look 10x better

  21. I hate Roguelikes so much I came to comment without watching!

  22. Dont understand a single word of what you are saying

  23. I added Despot's Game, Metal Mind and The Unliving on my wishlist. Particularly excited about The Last Spell, it was already on my list. 🙂

  24. Muito bom o conteúdo, sou BR. Very GOOD

  25. Had absolutely zero interest in 30XX… Then they showed Local co-op and I'm ready for it

  26. This channel is excellent. Followed and thanks for showing me so many games I've never heard of!

  27. i love the concept of the first game its like greed island

  28. Thank you glemmy for this. I belive I'll buy most of these at christmas.

  29. I'm so glad to finally see a Japanese indie game.
    Japanese games are the best.

  30. Если здесь есть русскоговорящие, знайте, у Unliving русскоговорящие разрабы, которые ведут группу в ВК, и даже ищут людей в команду.

  31. You are my best friend now..Awesome games!Great video ❤

  32. All the game looks like fun to play! Thank you for the suggestions!

  33. Not a big fan of pixel art but loving roguelites, I think i could enjoy Undungeon, blade assault and the last spell.
    Thanks for making me discover some new games.

  34. Can you guys check out my game on my channel? Working on it.

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