Top 15 Best Upcoming Pixel Art Metroidvania Games - 2020 & Beyond! -

Top 15 Best Upcoming Pixel Art Metroidvania Games – 2020 & Beyond!

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Love the combination of pixel art and Metroidvania so here are 15 titles that I’m excited about!

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Savior ►
Ambrosia ►
Heart Forth, Alicia ►
Axiom Verge 2 ►
Castle in the Darkness 2 ►
Faeland ►
Flynn: Son of Crimson ►
Haiku, the Robot ►
The Cork ►
Transmute ►
Lone Fungus ►
The Last Faith ►
Rune Fencer Illyia ►
Vernal Edge ►
Gestalt: Steam & Cinder ►

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As a big fan of gaming in general and Indie Games in particular, I decided to create this channel to talk about the best indie game experiences out there. Indie Gaming occupies a near and dear place in my heart and I want to highlight great developers and great games. I simply love the unique ideas that indie game developers come up with and I hope that you will find these videos useful in allowing you to discover the best indie games. Do consider subscribing to keep up with the latest indie games!

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  1. How'd you know they're the "best" if they're not out yet? Good video tho👍

  2. Savior, The Last Faith and Gestalt. I'll keep an eye on these

  3. Love these videos, particularly the MV ones. But…can you perhaps adjust the titles to something like "Metroidvania and 2D action-adventure platformers"? Some games in these videos either turn out to not be MV's or are even known to not be MVs.

  4. The Last Faith looks like Bloodborne combined with Castlevania and I didn't realize how much I needed that combination in my life until now lol. Holyyyy Crapppp that game looks so damn good. Beautiful animation, beautiful art style, fluid combat, lots of weapons, lot of spells. super cool monster designs. Definitely putting that on my wish list on steam.
    Vernal Edge and Gestalt : Steam and Cinder both look really cool too. We are getting spoiled with these beautiful pixel art games.

  5. I've learned to take these as a grain of salt sadly the genre is becoming a bit saturated so unless it has interesting and fluid combat and jumping like savior I'm staying away for the most part. That's my new rule.

  6. This is absolutely the best channel a gamer could ever be blessed to find. A treasure trove of fantastic games to feed the need constantly. This channel is a blessing for me, honestly. Thank you friend!

  7. We gotta help The Cork take off. Hope they kickstart again because im dumping money into it. I need it!

  8. The Last Faith is my most anticipated game besides Elden Ring and Flynn at the moment. Man everytime I see it I fall deeper in love. I also think that snake scene at the end is AMAZING! I also am very interested in rune fencer, Gestalt and vernal edge as well.

  9. Congrats on the milestone! Love your channel, been following for a long time now. Have you tried Carrion? Came out a few days ago, I just thought it might be something you'd like.

  10. Last faith went right into my wishlist less than half a minute into the trailer. Since I liked blasphemous this seems To be very similar To that. Loving everything I'm seeing.

  11. i used to get really hyped when i heard a new metroidvania was in development… only to later realise it was more metroid, with bits of old school castlevania. too much focus on puzzle plataforming, too many bosses that were basicaly mario bosses. exploration that wasnt free, but forced. combat that was doing the bare minimum.

    i then realized that i actually dont like metroidvanias, what i like are IGAVANIAS. games that are about the combat, exploration, with no bs spikes and bottomless pits. and to face bosses bosses that presented a fight, instead of "he will do this random crap, and you gotta hit it at this exact point because he is immune every other time".

  12. OMG, matroidvania is my favorite genre, I can't wait to play all of this beauties <3

  13. Being someone who grew up through the 80s and 90s i find these kind of graphics uninspired….
    Yes, pixel art can look beautiful but with the abilities of today's consoles and computers any game that does not utilize those abilities and mix in some more modern features turns me away.
    They all look very 'flat'.
    It would be kind of akin to watching a black and white TV…. the novelty will wear off very quickly.

  14. Timestamps:

    0:03 – Savior
    0:57 – Ambrosia
    1:26 – Heart Forth, Alicia
    2:17 – Axiom Verge 2
    2:50 – Castle in the Darkness 2
    3:23 – Faeland
    4:51 – Flynn: Son of Crimson
    6:12 – Haiku, the Robot
    7:12 – The Cork
    8:09 – Transmute
    9:32 – Lone Fungus
    10:43 – The Last Faith
    12:08 – Rune Fencer Illyia
    13:14 – Vernal Edge
    15:31 – Gestalt: Steam & Cinder

    Gestalt gameplay reminds me a bit of Mega Man Zero with the main character's 3-hit combo and her gun, which is very similar to the Z-Saber + blaster. The Last Faith's art style is absolutely brilliant, and why is it that even with all these, we still want more Metroidvania? So good- thank you for compiling this list of awesome games!

  15. Gestalt looks like the MegaMan Zero game we wanted but never got.

  16. Transmute looks like the most generic of the bunch, zero own ideas

  17. So hyped for Trish: Daughter of King Crimson!!!

  18. Only the best games of the genre! I loved this video!!

  19. Hello everyone) please tell me what track is playing on Castle in the Darkness 2 ??)

  20. these videos are nice and all but I'm really bored of more videos of games with no release dates and probably most of these won't be released any time soon and I would like if some videos were dedicated for games that are coming in the near future with set release dates. I like your channel but I found myself watching less and less videos due to the same reason. I watch these videos to find games to play not to look up for a game for 4 years for it to be released.

  21. Flynn: Son of Crimson, when is it going to come out 🙁

  22. dude why the hell you put savior trailer to beginning any game after that feels dull xD

  23. My main issue with every metroidvania/castlevania I played Is that none of them has a playable character as cool, detailed and diverse as Alucard. Even changing the color of his cape makes the game feel more personal. Its weird that todays devs and pixelartists can't even make a metroidvania better then the source material after almost 30 years

  24. I played a demo for Vernal Edge, and I have to say it's pretty badass, there is a ton of potential there.

  25. I'm with you the pixel style metroidvanias are my favorite types of games and dominant my switch i just want these games soon i know that a good game is going to take time but i thought pixel style wouldn't take as long as some of these im ready for hate responses i know they are small studios usually im just so impatient especially when i see most of these games 1 game release a month would be great i just can't get enough of these types of games is all anyway i want to say great job to the developers and PLEASE hurry im going crazy waiting for all these

  26. Zordak and lysium Stardiver are also very 2d metroid like not just transmute in terms of ones that are like metroid instead of more castelvania based not sure if you have heard of them before. Both are worth checking out and Zordak has a pretty good if a bit old demo as well.

  27. Vernal Edge kickstart says 2022 but I dont see any option to support it feel kinda sad they did not reach the mark for other playeble charaters

  28. The Last Faith looks like Bloodborne in Metroidvania form. wishlisted it. Also wishlisted The Cork, because i feel bad for the developer and it looks nice.

  29. All these Metroidvanias not coming to switch… their natural home.. oh well

  30. does this channel have a series, where it explores games that are already out and are cool/worth playing? because all this series does is hype me up, then forget about em by the time of release!!

  31. gestalt and last faith is kinda like what i am looking for.

  32. Omg all of them looks great, cant wait for them to get out

  33. There's something weird about pixel art games. I must own all of them…

  34. This Lone Fungus looks more like a "spike avoider" than a metroidvania.

  35. I call that 1º game Savior absolute bullshit on the delivery of everything shown in that trailer. Everything. It's never gonna show a release date, just like WITCHMARSH, which is a pixel art game kickstarted in 2015 and it's still 'coming soon'. I hope to be proved wrong, however unlikely.

  36. So when is the last faith coming to switch?

  37. lots of interesting titles in this vid, thanks!

  38. Kinda sad that some of these games won't come to X One – Ps4

  39. these kind of games are always be my favorite, the only 3D game i enjoy playing so far is god of war series

  40. I know that song from the haiku, the robot part from somewhere… anyone could tell me where it's from?

  41. Oh man, huge congrats at hitting 30k! And now you're nearly at 40k!!!

  42. I love the tiny character design of "The Cork", although not so sure about the gameplay. In contrast, I love the gameplay of Lone Fungus, but not the graphics, a mix would be perfect! 😀

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