Top 15 Best Pixel Art Games for iOS & Android 2020 -

Top 15 Best Pixel Art Games for iOS & Android 2020

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Pixel art is what defined video games in their early days, but it’s still prevalent in games created in recent years. If you love pixel art games, here are the ones worth keeping an eye on thouhout 2020 for Android and ios

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The Survivalists
Android: –

Android: –

Rowdy City Wrestling

Dark Raider

Android: –

Dead Cells


Otherworld Legends

Android: –


Android: TBA

MO: Astray

bit Dungeon III

Kingdom Two Crowns

Electro-Light & Jordan Kelvin James – Wait For You
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  1. you have to try guardian tales yow, its a freackin addicted pixel game

  2. i lve you my family and pixel games you are the best

  3. ¡Sin duda los mejores tops de juegos, saludos! ; )
    And thanks for all effort!

  4. Sabes si saldrá The survivalist para Android pronto?
    Muu buen video me descargue alrededor de 2 juegos


  6. Hmmm, a smaller screen on a small screen lol. Informative vid, thanks

  7. nice video ,you can try our first mobile game,but we warned you its realy hard after lvl 20 🙂

  8. I got three of the games there and will download one more, thanks for the new update of pixel games👍😎😊

  9. Any news for the The Survivalists release on android? Anyone?

  10. Alguien me dice cómo descargar el the survivalists muestralo como descargar bro

  11. Saaad:( the survivalist is not available on android

  12. Why should some good pixel games only available for ios

  13. Why should some good pixel games only available for ios

  14. The survivalist looks grear hope it gets an android release.

  15. You should try guardian tales, it’s really addicting, the story is good and the combat has enough depth it’s amazing for a mobile game

  16. Anyone know when the game of forager being in Android

  17. The survivalist, Songbringer and Moonlighter should give some love to android devices too..

  18. Once again iOS has better games unlike Google Play Store 🤦‍♂️

  19. For those who are looking for a game for android that is not too big, my tip is "Night Racing" developer "Rafael C" same icon in my photo, you can find on google play, it's a race against time to recover the stars of the night, the more stars you recover the more starry the sky becomes

  20. is there a way where we can run apple game in android?

  21. The best pixel art game ever is : guardian tales……best ever i m in my 2 year and i still playing this game
    And in the pc there is : crosscode…… pc pixel art game

  22. The thumbnail its Moonlighter, but its PC, nintendo, and not Mobile

  23. Wtf so many non Mobile games here i tought its say ANDROID There

  24. Fire Scout has a really nice world design, you should also try it

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