Top 10 Upcoming Pixel Art RPG Indie Games on Steam (2020-2021) - Part 1 -

Top 10 Upcoming Pixel Art RPG Indie Games on Steam (2020-2021) – Part 1

Tensor Gaming
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The Unliving
No Place for Bravery
Sword of the Necromancer
Ancient Abyss
Radio the Universe
The Iron Oath
The Last Spell

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  1. The Last Spell looks awesome 🤩

    The Unliving looks very good and I like it but it's similar to a game… hmm forgot the title.. something to do with the keyword "Undead".

    Nice list! These pixel art games are very well. made.

  2. Great list…Radio the Universe has some mad graphics and mood!

  3. All are wishlisted lol. But No Place For Bravery, Radio the Universe, The Last Spell, and The Iron Oath are really high (my wishlist is 1.5k games, ugh).

  4. No Place for Bravery was (from the demo) more of an action/adventure. And it plays basically like Sekiro. Gonna be interesting to see how RPG it actually is.

    Ancient Abyss plays pretty well (again, from the demo). Not 100% sure how deep the roguelite progression is though.

    Undungeon is super-cool. In concept and the world. Combat was so-so.

  5. Apart from Eastward, I'm still waiting for Gestalt: Steam and Cinder

  6. These developers are so talented. I have a lot of ideas, but seeing some of these games just makes me think I don't know if I can make something so great all by myself. AT one time it was well I can't compete with AAA developers with their hundreds of million dollar budget. Now I think indie developers have whole teams of people who treat it as a job and business, with high production values, which raises the bar so high for a solo developer. But limitation has often been a source of necessary ingenuity.

  7. No one ever talks about Hyper Light Drifter, yet you can see its influence in so many indie titles

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