Top 10 Upcoming PIXEL ART Games on Steam -

Top 10 Upcoming PIXEL ART Games on Steam

Tensor Gaming
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📌 Games on this List 📌
0:00 intro
0:15 Midnight Wave ▶
0:54 Rendezvous ▶
1:45 Dawngrown ▶
2:15 Little Witch in the Woods ▶
3:25 Bloodless ▶
3:53 Loco Motive ▶
4:36 Octopus City Blues ▶
5:37 Game #3 ▶
6:34 Game #2 ▶
8:09 Game #1 ▶

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Mina the Hollower, Airoheart, Decarnation


  1. I found a cool pixel game on Android – PIXEL MAGE SURVIVAL 👍👍


  3. Thanks Tensor, I absolutely loved Hollow Knight and will definitely be grabbing Mina the Hollower.

    Hope it releases fully this year 🙂🙂

  4. Mina the hollower is basically link's awakening 2 😅

  5. 0:10
    Hyper Light Drifter
    Its been a while since I've been able to recognize one of these games

  6. Shovel Knight is awesome their next game looks awesome as well will definitely be picking it up

  7. pal, you're getting boring with this chinese garbage games

  8. 4:41 pixel art is worked out, but the overall style and visuals are of course trash.

  9. Airoheart is borrowing a lot from Link to the Past. I think they literally ripped some of the graphics assets straight from that game. The sound effects, weapons and dungeon design are the same too.

  10. I love the intro music. Thanks for the list man!

  11. Dwerve! Please put Dwerve in a future video. Its a tower defense dungeon crawler. 🕹

  12. Game number 2 looks like a clone of link to the past, just different skins

  13. What a great list! One day I hope LUCID will make it 😀

  14. I would add Underground Life and Outpost lonely.

  15. You should check out mago! Their prologue made it to the steam front page!

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