Top 10 Upcoming PIXEL ART GAMES on PC / Consoles -

Top 10 Upcoming PIXEL ART GAMES on PC / Consoles

Tensor Gaming
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0:00 intro
0:14 Bilkins’ Folly ▶
2:10 Moonstone Island ▶
3:19 Goodbye World ▶
3:55 Nova Lands ▶
6:27 Football Story ▶
9:01 Savior ▶
11:04 Kynseed ▶
11:25 Game #3 ▶
12:07 Game #2 ▶
13:29 Game #1 ▶

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Sports Story, Mina the Hollower, A Space for the Unbound
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  1. I appreciate the immense effort you put in to your channel. Serious dedication. Nothing for me this week, though. Everything is too cutsie. I feel like I'm playing with a kids toy.

  2. Big hype for savior! Hoping the combat is solid, the art style and vibes sure are!

  3. Totally excited about Football Story!

  4. Mina the Hollower the latest from the Shovel Knight designers looks awesome

  5. Wow! I am interested to most of the games here. Dude, your release time is soooooo irregular! This is the first time you uploaded a video that is now morning in my country.

  6. Savior, kynseed, A space for the unbound – for me definitely top, this is something that is definitely worth buying.

    Nova land – I don't like this genre of games, with constant construction, crafting. But in this game there is a nice soundtrack and the voice of the developers telling about the features is cute, it was nice to listen to.

    Football story – it's a pity the essence of the game is based on football, but there will probably be other activities. But what a quality art design in pixel art.

  7. kynseed, finally took them forever.

    football story looks nice.

  8. Savior seems excellent game with nice animations

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