Top 10 Pixel Art RPG Indie Games (Part 1) -

Top 10 Pixel Art RPG Indie Games (Part 1)

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Fae Tactics
Hyper Light Drifter

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  1. Iconoclasts? Chasm? Crypt of the NecroDancer? Undertale? Lisa? Shovel Knight? Fez? The Escapists 1/2? Wth

  2. Playing Hyper Light Drifter makes me wonder..

    "Did I really play the game right?"

  3. Will you be making a similar list of non turn based games?

  4. This top video is gold. Trust me, I know about indie and roguelike & rogue lite games.

  5. DO NOT play rakuen unless you wanna cry your heart out

  6. I just wanted to drop by and say that Crosscode is my favorite game of all time, so you should probably consider buying it. That is all.

  7. Thank you for making these list, all of them are very awesome games!!!

  8. OneShot will always be in first place. this is the only game that touches the player's soul and makes him change. for example, she prompted me to go into medicine and create Niko in the real world (which I already do)

  9. CrossCode is number 1 fight me if you don’t think so

  10. Plz tell me the name of the game on the thumbnail plz tell me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz luvvia 😃😃😃😃😀

  11. I played most of these and I will play the rest :3

  12. Oh my god, Rakuen made me bawl my eyes back then

  13. Love your vids. No unnecessary commentary, just giving me a constant supply of great games/clips to watch. Keep it up!

  14. Plies android pixel art plise

  15. Guyssss plz tell what is game name is the thumbnail game? Plz guysssss

  16. You should check Chernobylite coming next month it will rock with all that radiation! On pc/xbox/ps

  17. i wish there was an mmo rpg with sparklite kind of graphics!

  18. miss the old days, played something like Grim Oak back then.

  19. Thanks for the videos….. one more subscriber….Greetings from Brasil

  20. 'The Koala Rebellion'. Great Pixelart job. @t

  21. CrossCode! my all time favorite indie game. thanks for putting it on the list man

  22. Sparklite seems like a woke male looking female mining company bad social crap. Lol hard pass for the sane people.

  23. i love crosscode, its just that one time i had nothing to play other than crosscode, for almost 5 months

  24. just to say….rogue like games are not rpg …bullshit

  25. does anyone know a game that is similar or has a vibe like golden sun on gameboy advance? an important aspect to me is story and the puzzles especially. i feep most rpgs nowadays are just fighting and story and finding the next place to progress, but golden sun was much more challenging with all its puzzles and secrets

  26. Moonlighter is a very good indie game.I recommend so much for everyone that like RPG,indie games,etc

  27. Hello! I forgot the name of this game but i used to play this back in 2016, an old Pixel RPG Game that doesn't have much storyline and does normal leisure daily task like fishing and catching monsters etc. it has been years since i lost the game in my pc, if you happen to know please tell me (TTwTT)

  28. If only those games can be played on mobile…

  29. Rakuen is one of my favorite game, i finish finish this game with my father and it's si emotional

  30. Anyone plays secrets of grindea?? Its a really good game

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