Top 10 PIXEL ART Nintendo Switch Indie Games Hidden Gems (Part 2) -

Top 10 PIXEL ART Nintendo Switch Indie Games Hidden Gems (Part 2)

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📌 Games on this List 📌
0:00 intro
0:17 Phantom Trigger ▶
1:10 Bomb Chicken ▶

2:10 Crawl ▶

3:27 Ultra Space Battle Brawl ▶

4:29 Bombslinger ▶

5:19 Garage ▶

6:05 The Way Remastered ▶
7:11 Songbringer ▶

8:09 The Long Reach ▶

8:53 Freedom Planet ▶

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Note: Most of Top 10 lists in this channel are arranged randomly. It is NOT arranged from good to best or vice versa. Although sometimes I arrange it based on number of reviews. The purpose is to share these games to gamers who are maybe unaware about it. 🍻😎

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  1. Wait you told me someone actually land the plane in TOPGUN with the POWERGLOVE?

  2. Nice list! 🔥These are truly hidden gems.
    I like Garage and Chicken Bomb though I would also like to try most of the games listed here.

  3. Everytime I see Top Gun I'm reminded of AVGN not being able to land the plane and then screaming

  4. This was an awesome list! I'm really glad most of these are available on Steam lol Bomb Chicken looks quite good, as as well as Bombslinger. I really like top down games like Garage too.

    I'll need to check out Freedom Planet though. Never heard of it! I get Sonic vibes as well as the game Kaze that's coming out soon. 😀

  5. Not a clue about the game.
    Freedom Planet is very good, I have the Wii U version. The sequence looks nice too, in Steam there is a demo.

  6. NES TOP GUN! YEAH! Excellent intro song in that game.

  7. nice video. quite organized and informative

  8. I have Ultra Space Battle Brawl 😀 very fun game, reminiscent of the golden era of the arcades 🙂

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