Top 10 Pixel Art Indie Games on Steam -

Top 10 Pixel Art Indie Games on Steam

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There are more Pixel Art Games out there and I’ll make a “Part 2” of this list. Take note, this is NOT the best of the best pixel art games. There’s just too many to choose from so I’ll do my best to share to you guys these awesome games you might haven’t played. So make sure you are Subscribe 😮👍

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The Supper
A Short Hike
Grimm’s Hollow
Witch It
Wizard of Legend
The Escapists 2
Graveyard Keeper

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  1. i make pixel animations with story! weekly episodes! very consistent uploads!

  2. I want to play indie games more but am on Xbox One. I see the games that mostly interest me are on Steam and are indie games…What is the best £300 gaming, for indie games as I'm not interested in 3D AAA gaming, I can get and can it be connected to my TV ?

    Thanks all.

  3. I want a game that has good graphics/detail and one thats not too complex I want a challenge that isnt too tark or brutal and a classic looking 8-bit RPG. Is there any of them out there?!?!

  4. I’m so glad A Short Hike is on one of these lists, I love it so much!

  5. escapists 2 does not belong on this list, but escapists 1 does

  6. Im making a pixel tower defense dungeon crawler RPG! Its called "Dwerve"

  7. Where is Stardew Valley,Undertale,Enter the Gungeon

  8. 2:58 hmm.. now where do I find this familiar? oh yeah, Fire Emblem :v

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