Top 10 Pixel Art Indie Games - Hidden Gems (Part 2) -

Top 10 Pixel Art Indie Games – Hidden Gems (Part 2)

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📌 Games on this List 📌
Stray Cat Crossing
Super Blood Hockey
Super Trench Attack!
Dino Run DX
Dreaming Sarah
Superfighters Deluxe
Yorkshire Gubbins
Button Button Up!
Death Coming

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🎵 Stray Cat Crossing 🎵
Song: Skintight
Music by Jurlo
Vocals by Sara Lu:


  1. Part 1: of these games have you played? Let me know by dropping a Comment here.😀👍Also, if you enjoyed watching this video, make sure to hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more upcoming games and top games episodes in this Channel.

  2. Hello again 🙂 Will you include Shards of Gravity at some point in your videos ?

  3. I'd been playing Superfighters all the way down to when it was a flash game on Newgrounds, tons of fun with my brothers. So when Superfighters Deluxe released on Steam I bought it right away, and it's the same old lovely game with plenty of new content and customization. It's really fun, the best on 2d multiplayer shooters

  4. Good work, several games I didn't know existed before…

  5. Wow! Some of the game really catch my eye. I think I'll try several of them. Thank you!

  6. show de bola… o/ chute no Bigode… o/

  7. 4:20 Superfighters Deluxe brings back memories from the cartridge games like 'Robo Cop'

  8. Is Dreaming Sarah anyway related to Dreaming Mary? I remember I played a rpg called Dreaming Mary so I thought this one might be similar?

  9. The first one reminds me of Kingdom Hearts (the OST)

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