Top 10 PIXEL ART Indie Games Hidden Gems on Nintendo Switch (Part 3) -

Top 10 PIXEL ART Indie Games Hidden Gems on Nintendo Switch (Part 3)

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0:00 intro
0:18 Swords and Sandals: Spartacus ▶
Steam ▶
1:26 The StoryTale ▶
Steam ▶
2:58 They Came From the Sky ▶
Steam ▶
3:31 De: Yabatanien ▶
5:39 Arrest of a Stone Buddha ▶
Steam ▶
6:47 Invisigun Reloaded ▶
Steam ▶
8:37 Infinite: Beyond the Mind ▶
Steam ▶
10:05 Ultracore ▶
11:04 Dungreed ▶
Steam ▶
12:35 Huntdown ▶
Steam ▶

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Note: Most of Top 10 lists in this channel are arranged randomly. It is NOT arranged from good to best or vice versa. Although sometimes I arrange it based on number of reviews. The purpose is to share these games to gamers who are maybe unaware about it. 🍻😎

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  1. lol huntdown trailer was so over the top corny, i love it.

  2. Thank you so much for the tip on SWORDS AND SANDALS: SPARTACUS!! Somehow I missed that game first time around, even though it's right up my alley in gameplay/aesthetic. Maybe looking through the eShop when it came out back in June, I thought the game's name and thumbnail looked like a mobile game, so I didn't give it a second thought. Sometimes it's so hard to find those hidden gem Switch games hidden among all the shovelware. I keep telling people there are 1000 games on Switch that are well worth playing, and they don't believe me — but it's because they're so hard to find unless you spend time and really look carefully every week. Thanks for your videos, they help a lot!

  3. Please limited run game company please put all these game in to physical copy

  4. Huntdown is such an awesome Game. Just finished it on hard mode.

  5. Some nice looking games. Shame some don't have physical releases. Also, i don't care for the term pixel art. They're pixel graphics.

  6. At what time in your country do you upload videos?

  7. 0:08 My guess is Golden Axe the arcade or arcade Dungeons and Dragons hack 'N' Slash games.

  8. I'm holding out for a physical copy of huntdown. I don't like buying digital stuff.

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