Top 10 Pixel Art Games OFFLINE OPEN WORLD Games Android (Pixel art games Like ZENONIA and iNOTIA) -

Top 10 Pixel Art Games OFFLINE OPEN WORLD Games Android (Pixel art games Like ZENONIA and iNOTIA)

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PART 3 : Top 15 Best Pixel Art Games for Android iOS (HIDDEN Pixel games NOSTALGIC pixel Art games CHILDHOOD)

(NEW) PART 2 :
Top 13 Open World RPG PIXEL ART games android & iOS Action Pixel Art games Turn based pixel art

This is The Best PIXEL ART OPEN WORLD GAMES OFFLINE all of times, I am pretty sure if you are a new generation of pixel art games, that mean you are so lucky for watching this Video. Because these Pixel art Games RPG is really RARE, anti mainstream, and Best Hidden Pixel Art OFFLINE Games on Mobile Android & iOS. I miss with the era, which made such a beautiful pixel art Games Offline. i send this message to the new developer now, please make an 2D RPG games or Pixel Art Games that look like Zenonia and iNOTIA games series. because those games has such perfect story based and graphic for pixel art. Top 10 Pixel Art Games OFFLINE OPEN WORLD Games Android (Pixel art games Like ZENONIA and iNOTIA)


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  1. Wait.. Chroisen 2 is still in the app store? No matter how many times I look it up every other time it never shows up. One of my favorite story mode game out there.

  2. Guy try exitium savior of varodnia i mean thsi game is soooo good

  3. How do you play these games? I cant find them on any appstore and apk won`t work. Apk install but the apps say they to old to work!!! ;-;

  4. Oh my god thank you, ive been looking for this certain game that i used to play yrs ago for days ! Tysm

  5. Im searching for a pixel art game where there is a gunner class dual weilder really forgot the name

  6. Zenonnia series inotia 4 and crimson heart still the best

  7. How to download inotia 3 ? It's nothing on my playstore region

  8. Bro do you know the game that is 2d and its like doing quest slaying monsters and dragons it have like a village with many villagers you can talk i forgot whats the name of that game

  9. Wish I could Zenonia 2 on my iPhone still was a great game

  10. Seed 3 is not playable anymore even if I use Vmoss. The app instantly close when I open it

  11. thank you very much..I actually looking Illusia but didn't remember the game title..I used to play it so much back then.. recently I found VMware for Android & search for the game title..

  12. You’re a godsend. I couldn’t remember the name of exitium. I used to play it as a kid and really wanted to find it again. Thanks!

  13. i used to play seed 3 bu its mostly unplayable nowadays due to the low android version requirement and the servers are down which is needed in some quest and blacksmith. good game but it is now dead. btw you can no longer save your gameplay.

  14. hey, do you guys know how to play the game ZENONIA S RIFT IN TIME? i've never played it because the game is closed

  15. Sir can u please please pleasee help me find this game :(( its a 2d game where u start in a kingdom like kind of place and then u go down the map and find monsters such as skeleton monsters etc the game has alot of characters which has its own class the game only has 3 classes which are archer, mage and warrior please find this game ive been searching for so long :(( u can also find boss spawns in the map sometimes as far as i remember… u also start the game without quests and u can pretty much do anything :))

  16. Underated games, but still wishing there'll be inotia 5

  17. Guys please help me i played this game 6 years ago i cant remember the name i want to play it again because of the story its also pixel art game offline

    The story is like this

    Your childhood friend is a daughter of the dragon goddess and in the ending route she will return to the heaven realm or otherworld i cant remeber then you marry the blue hair girl you save back then the daughter of a herbal medic

    Its also an rpg like the vids the starting point is beside the sand beach you"ll defeat crabs if i remember also there is a fight between dragons in the first scene before the start of the game

    I finish it twice hoping theres another route about the red hair childhood friend the story is just so nice i want to play it again

  18. Yoo finaly i found game i like.

    For this channel..
    Thank you very much.
    So hard to find pixel game. Alway 3d game 😐


    Edit: the game is so old that it doesn't fit my screen XD

  20. I have been searching for a game I can't find it anywhere I don't remember the name but it was a 2D rpg Japanese styled game with wars and we can ride on horses and attack enemies we had a character who had a whiplash and he can swing enemies around with it and drop them to the ground, we could garrison troops attack while on the horses and there was a great story line too I am searching for it for years and idk if I will ever find it , I miss u , one of the best games I played

  21. Can I ask if there are any games in Vietnamese?

  22. You miss demon soul that game was have great concept


  24. i dont think chroisen 2 works for the newer android versions.i soo wanna play it again

  25. The best pixel on my list are inotia 3 and inotia 4, they have great concept also great story.
    I played inotia 3 back then 2012-2013 but I played inotia 4 2016 xD, still now I'm playing inotia 3 and 4. What a excellent Game

  26. broooo thank you for this i needed these kinda games😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. inotia 3 one of the most underrated rpg game.. too bad everytime i reached level 80+ in the tower, the game always crash..

  28. Ive seen in the video zenonia 1,2,3 but i didnt seen zenonia 4.i dont care much the zenonia 5 cuz its shit but the zenonia 4 is just PERFECT

  29. Do you have tutorial on how to change the system of vmoss into android 4.0?

  30. Ty bro Already found my childhood game (inotia 3 the children of carnia)

  31. I only wish inotia 4 to be offline again 😓

  32. Thanks dude finally i discover my childhood games "chroisen 2" 😂

  33. Man zenonia games and inotia games are my fav but shame i cant play them anymore cuz they available on old Android Not latest and when i try play them on My realmy 5 they cannot open the game 😭😭

  34. Bro I love you so much. I finnaly founded my childhood game "Inotia 3: Children of Carnia" I've been finding this game since 2015. Finnaly i found it. Thank you so much

  35. The best i play was chroisent 2, but i can't play it anymore because cannot play in the android 9 ++

  36. There a game name apocalypse of skyland its good game like inotia

  37. It's SNES style pixel game what I want for classic open world. Only Zenonia 4 and Inotia 4 are still in play store, the rest were removed unless if they already downloaded they can still play. Joy 🙂

  38. Spark lite, I don't know. Other world Legend, yes, it's the best rogue like game not open world

  39. exitium savior of vardonia
    God ive been looking for this game for years ive plyade this game when i wass in hi school

    sorry for my spelling

  40. Inotia 3 is not working for Android 11

  41. my all time favorite: inotia 3, can't remember how many times i olayed it

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