Top 10 GORGEOUS Pixel Art Games in 2022 -

Top 10 GORGEOUS Pixel Art Games in 2022

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I spent days digging through games and watching trailers to build the top 10 new pixel art games that released in 2022. Unleash the power of retro gaming with curated selection of wolfenstein play games, all playable online.

I appreciate the level of detail and beauty that can be conveyed in a style that is typically considered old-school and retro, so I wanted to shout out some of the games still leaning into it.

Links to all of the games be found at the bottom of the description.

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Intro – 00:00
SANABI – 00:17 –
Haiku, The Robot – 01:00 –
Little Witch in the Woods – 01:46 –
NORCO – 02:20 –
Core Keeper – 02:50 –
Dome Keeper – 03:32 –
Crystal Project- 04:05 –
Infernax – 04:40 –
One Dreamer – 05:12 –
Coromon – 05:49 –

Summer Nights (Tropical House Music)
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  2. Great content and quality, keep it up 👍

  3. Should add the prices and the system they are available for.
    Also don't wanna be a douche but shouldn't call coromon rip off pokemon. It's a monster tamer genre game and there's so many more of those that are also GBA pixel.

  4. I love pixel art games & thanks for recommending sanabi…. Keep rocking bro 🐢

  5. You wanna check out "Taiji", a pixel art spiritual successor to the 2016 puzzle game The Witness.

  6. -clean speech
    -nice indie games
    -steam links
    -right to the point videos
    sub and +1
    thx for your work

  7. what is the name of the song at the beginning

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