Top 10 Games Featuring Fine Art - with Tom Vasel -

Top 10 Games Featuring Fine Art – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel takes a look at 10 games that prominently feature the art world!

00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Number 10
01:17 – Number 9
01:47 – Number 8
02:10 – Number 7
02:47 – Number 6
03:14 – Number 5
03:42 – Number 4
04:10 – Number 3
04:38 – Number 2
05:02 – Number 1

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  1. What happened with “Atelier”?

  2. Of course, Pastiche is number 1. Beautiful and fun–collecting colors, trading in colors to "mix" and make other colors, completing masterpieces. But, you forgot Atelier: The Painter's Studio and Bob Ross: Art of Chill. I think both of these would have been better choices than some of the others on your list.

  3. Zee would have picked Kanagawa I guess!

  4. I was confused by the title … games “featuring fine art”… thought it would be a game with great artwork … but I like this list too,.. looking forward to the list of games with the most beautiful art 😊

  5. Really cool to see Clue: the Great Museum Caper at #2!!!! I still have my copy from childhood and I still enjoy playing it.
    I believe Spector Ops is very similar and the reason I never bought it.

  6. Dice Heist seems like it should go on this list, but you may not have played it . Zee covered it.

  7. Canvas is right now on Kickstarter, would be fun to see where that would fit in on this list

  8. I am big fan of Sunset Over Water in which you paint Landscapes.

  9. I thought we'd see Starving Artists on this list. Tons of art in that one, and the paint by cube mechanism is pretty fun.

  10. Bob Ross Art of Chill is a fun game and quite relaxing to look at the painting you are working on sitting up on the easel!

  11. I haven't played Pastiche, but I really enjoy Bob Ross: The Art of Chill

  12. Museum Pictura should be on this list in the future.

  13. I'd recommend Musée, which has 60 pieces of art

  14. Disappointed that either Bruxelles 1893 or 1897 didn't make the list. Based on a certain reviewers run through I fully expect to see Canvas on this list next time around.

  15. So if this list is built with games with a "fine art" theme, and bearing in mind that Tom included Sagrada among them… ¿maybe Azul, or any of its sequels, could have made it to the list? ¿What do you think?

  16. The fact that Kanagawa isn't on the list and Clue is invalidates the whole thing.

  17. What's with Silver and Gold behind you then?

  18. One titel who must be in this list too is Belratti. Realy nice game

  19. It’s not out yet so I’m sure that’s why, but Canvas should definitely be on here. It would be my number 1 even before release. And Bob Ross Art of Chill seems like a no brained though I haven’t played it and maybe it’s not good.

  20. Great to see the museum caper still on lists! I won’t get rid of mine.

  21. I was hoping to see Pastiche on here, and Fresco, great games, happy to see them so highly ranked on the list.

  22. Recommendation for a gaming on Kickstarter right now – Canvas. This would be in this top10, for sure, if it would be out!

  23. “I know a lot of people like paintings, there’s a lot of art museums out there in existence.” Wow, Tom really did the research before starting this one.

  24. The Gallerist would be my No. 1 on my list of art related games – if I ever would make one 😉

  25. I’d probably put Sagrada a bit higher and replace #10 with Musee, mostly because of the art though, although I do enjoy it. In Modern Art my favorite part is making up backstories about the artists in order to sell for as much as I can. But there’s so many games here I haven’t played so I can’t really disagree with the list. 😀

  26. I don't know if the Gallerist would fit on this list, but that is all that comes to mind.

  27. Love Sagrada, but for a Top10 on Art, it seems a bit less "in place" than other games that didn't even make the list, including Kanagawa or Bob Ross.

  28. I like the brevity of this video. You should do more top tens in about ten minutes. Love it!

  29. I Would also include Kanagawa, Azul and patchwork The three include a form of art and are superb games… Well and on a different artistic spectrum Takenoko. Gardening is also an art.

  30. A light little game featuring art that we have really enjoyed is Musee, from Gryphon games. the gameplay is simple, but offers choice, but more importantly every card features an actual classic painting so that when you are done, you have an actual small gallery of real paintings. Played it once at Origins, in a demo game, and auto-bought it right afterwards.

  31. Hmm, just like real modern "art", I wouldn't give a dime for these "games."

  32. I used to have Clue Museum Caper , I agree this is a ton of fun… for the thief!!! Its kinda boring for the other players trying to catch the thief, In fact this is more of a two person game , thief vs the security guards. It's fun for age 12 and above.

  33. I don't have the Gallerist or Fresco, but I have Starving Artists, Musee, Final Touch and de stil (sp?)

  34. Canvas, recently on Kickstarter, looks like a lot of fun. I feel like I might have too many drafting abstract strategy type games in my collection to buy it personally, but I really want to play it.

  35. I don't see captions for this video. I love that most of your reviews have captions. I usually get to watch these videos after the kids fall asleep and I watch in silence. We LOVE your videos!

  36. Really surprised not to see Starving Artists on the list. I love that game.

  37. CLUE in number TWO O_o… But no Kanagawa (which is literaly a game about creating art) ! The nostalgia was strong in this one. ^^

    And Cubist or Operation FAUST that even make into the list. Come on Tom, there was room for Kanagawa ! xD

    Colors of Paris looks awesome though. Thanks for making me discover this one.

  38. Hey Tom you made this list too early because it's missing Canvas!

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