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Top 10 Electronic Arts Games
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They’re the biggest publisher in the video game industry, and they may have a bad rap on the streets as of late thanks to some terrible business decisions. But this unfeeling titan of the industry has still produced more than its fair share of amazing titles. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Electronic Arts Games. Special thanks to our users fm, DREAMHUNTER96 and Manny Rodriguez for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at

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  1. Warning: prepare your wallet before playing any game from this video

  2. Mass Effect 2, a great video game developed by a terrible company.

  3. If I don't see Syndicate on here, I'm going to flip

  4. Just not into revisiting old games … how about a best games of, e.g. 2020, list

  5. Me and brothers grow up with ea games , best graphics and gameplay during 2000s

  6. Even though I hate EA,

    Dead Space
    Mass Effect 2

    Are great games!

    Btw, you say Battlefield is better than Call of Duty, but you hate EA? Stumped!

  7. 2:55 Yeah, well my Aurora Alphas beg to differ with that sentiment…

  8. EA has made some nasty decisions in the past there is no denying that. And still do to this day.

    But, if their games are good I can't complain about that at least.

  9. I played need for speed no limits and bejeweled 3 and bejeweled Stars and other electronic arts games that I never played before

  10. The Sims 3, Plants vs Zombies and NFS MW era… damn EA what happened to you.

  11. Tennis video games sports review needed😻😍❤💓🎾🎾🎾💗💕💕💕💕👍🏽👍🏽😻😻😻💜

  12. the Old Ea was more better…. now EA is just money monster

  13. No 1 to me will always be The Saboteur. A little unpolished, but damn good.

  14. Most wanted for sure, heat is good, payback needs a rerun

  15. Need for speed series is my favourite racing game series

  16. My EA favorite videogames:
    1.) Need for speed payback/heat
    2.)The Sims 4
    3.)Battlefront 2 (newest edition)

  17. Mass Effect 2 is number 1 and the next closest is number 11

  18. Where is def jam fight for ny

  19. I've boycotted EA since 2013 and not missed a single good game. They ruined and then canceled my two favorite childhood franchises, sim city, and command & conquer. I also stopped paying for Ubisoft games when they try to force their steam alternative on to me, but Ubisoft was just a financial boycott.

    I know EA/Ubisoft doesn't care but it means in my last 15 years playing games I have not encountered a single loot box, online drm, or microtransaction of any kind, 100%. Every toxic thing game publishers do, I've never had to deal with, in exchange for never even missing one good release. And I've spent around 10,000 USD on steam over the last decade.

    Watching this list has made me feel even better about my decision. It's amazing a game company can be this big without releasing a single objectively good game in 9 years. (7 of the ten games on your list is pre 2013).

  20. I miss the old ea 😢 now ea is a gold digger…

    drums roll
    Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition

  22. What About American Mcgee’s Alice, Or Dante’s Inferno???🧐🧐🧐

  23. My top 3 favorite EA games

    No. 3: battlefield 4
    No. 2: dragon age origins
    No. 1: mass effect 2

  24. Where is the old nfs most wanted. It is literally the best EA game in my opinion

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