Top 10 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games – 2019 & Beyond! -

Top 10 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games – 2019 & Beyond!

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It is an exciting time of the year since December is traditionally where game of the year awards get handed out. We can also look forward to the coming year in gaming and get excited all over again! I love covering pixel art games since the medium is an art form that is so versatile and has that unique feel which I really love. Kinda goes hand in hand with indie gaming, so here are the Top 10 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games – 2019 & Beyond!

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00:25► Blasphemous:

Top 10 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games – 2019 & Beyond!
00:38► .Age:
01:59► Bushiden:
03:16► Dark Devotion:
04:38► Flynn: Son of Crimson:
06:34► Sea Salt:
07:30► Tales of the Neon Sea:
08:59► The Last Night:
10:13► The Treehouse Man:
11:12► Warlocks 2: God Slayers:
12:16► Wildfire:

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As a big fan of gaming in general and Indie Games in particular, I decided to create this channel to talk about the best indie game experiences out there. Indie Gaming occupies a near and dear place in my heart and I want to highlight great developers and great games. I simply love the unique ideas that indie game developers come up with and I hope that you will find these videos useful in allowing you to discover the best indie games. Do consider subscribing to keep up with the latest indie games!

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  1. Kinda sucks for me cuz im a mobile player lol

  2. I like the last night, Flynn the son of crimson and tales of neon sea

  3. Please release The Last Night on Nintendo Switch too!!!!

  4. Remember when pixel art video games were just called video games? I member

  5. treehouse man is most hilarious game its name indicates treehouse but whoe gameplay is on boat

  6. Samey indie games, made by samey hipster/millennial guys with beards and flannel shirts.

  7. Good video. By any chance, is that a Singaporean accent I hear?

  8. Not a fan of dark soul like games but i do like the look of some of the other games.

  9. Whoa! The Last Night! I never thought pixel art can look that good! Drooling

  10. Cant wait to try these. Some Dark Souls Castlevania SOTN influences I see.

  11. Damn… i played Dark Devotion back when it was only a demo on Gamejolt

  12. Flynn son of crimson is just like pixel version of new rayman legends

  13. I'd really like to see a proper old school turn based pixel art rpg like Suikoden II or Final Fantasy VI but with the capabilities of what can be done with pixel art today. Shame none of the big boys are willing to do a game like this, pretty sure there would be a market for it if done right.

  14. Katana Zero should be on the list! Great video by the way! 🤗💛

  15. Katana Zero should be on the list! Great video by the way! 🤗💛

  16. These are some quality looking pixel art games! We are spoilt for choice!

  17. Woah dark devotion looks awesome, how did i miss this.

  18. Still waiting The Last Night… There are no news about that.

  19. You should also look at the game called Backbone. It's a great pixel-art adventure and it's due to release next year.

  20. I can't believe i havent come across a comment of that accent, it's terrific !

  21. That bushiden jump animation is hilarious tho, the enemies all get a whiff of his balls everytime he jumps

  22. How can someone be the last of their clan, yet going to save your sister? Isn't she part of the clan

  23. I’m making a pixel platformer with my friends that’s about slimes, if you want storyline just tell me.

  24. First game would look a lot better…without that dumb pointed helmet on…

  25. Just came across your channel. I like how sound like a mad scientist, specifically Professor Von Kriplespac from Conker's Bad Fur Day .

  26. When is flynn coming out?????? I can't find it on ps4???

  27. I don't know why but i am feeling nostalgia for this video but nether watch it before

  28. 2 years later and Flynn still isn't out on steam.

  29. this suddenly popped up in my recommended and woah, you sound a lot different here lol especially with the intro

  30. anyone know of any updates on Bushiden for the switch? I couldn't find anything on i5sdev Pixel Arc.

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