Top 10 Best Roguelike Pixel Art Games For iOS & Android 2020 ( OFFline/ONline ) | PART 1 -

Top 10 Best Roguelike Pixel Art Games For iOS & Android 2020 ( OFFline/ONline ) | PART 1

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Here are the Top 10 Best Roguelike Games for iOS and Android with Offline and Online Mode

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🎮 Soul Knight
🎮 Elemental Dungeon
🎮 Quest of Dungeons
🎮 Rust Bucket
🎮 Trigger Heroes
🎮 Ailment
🎮 Caves
🎮 Shattered Pixel Dungeon
🎮 Space Grunts
🎮 Crypt of Necrodancer

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  1. Dead cells is best android roguelike but it is not as good as the pc version as some content was removed to port the game to android

  2. great list, but my fav still Idlers And dungeons. 🤩

  3. Pocket rogues. Beats all of them mentioned.

  4. Hope you add if its free or not. Also if it is available only andriod or ios or both. But nice top 10 vid

  5. Crypt of the necrodancer is the best one in this list and if you diasgree then you do…

  6. How to join hero siege locally please answer me

  7. He forgot to mention that there are over 100 mods of Pixel Dungeon

  8. So Elemental Dungeon is the only online game :/

  9. Hello everyone‚ my name is G A N O N is what I heard lol

  10. MonsterWay To Heaven offline, 100mb, topdown shooter

  11. 😌begining of a game rating channel with no clickbaits

  12. Caves – is the best out of them all.
    Great graphics, and excellent gameplay

  13. What is the name of the game on the thumbnail?

  14. Soul knight Finally I keep on finding this game thank you

  15. Do you know a similar game to level up? The one of cartoon network

  16. Only if soul knight made its own storyline would make it a true king of pixel art games

  17. Roguelike is a pretty narrow genre. Some of the featured games are action/rpg, which is nothing close to roguelike.

  18. Soul knight is ok but guardian tales and my heroes is better you cant find the my heroes in apps store but you can find it in google to download it go to taptap(also at google)and search my heroes and download it its chinses thoug

  19. 23 october: still waiting for necrodancer

  20. Great video but please work on your narration skills

  21. I fully recommend dasheoo and labyrinth of the witch

  22. ENTER THE GUNGEON overrules Soul Night👍👍👍

  23. did u just say that soul knight is extremely easy, but after beating the game one single time in normal difficulty u unlock the badass mode, that is for sure a challenge and the "original" mode after beating the "practice" that is the normal mode

  24. Caves is a good atmospheric game, it also has some creepy cave ambience like Minecraft

  25. Can someone help me find an old mobile game I can’t remember the name but I know I remember it briefly it had the same level every single time and there’s only like three different types of enemies there was orcs snakes and I’m pretty sure skeletons and shamans or some thing and I know you can have three different types of power ups if you beat up enough of the enemies and I just can’t find the name of it and I can’t see it on the App Store please somebody help me

  26. Thanks for recommendations ❤️, save now ❤️

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