Top 10 BEST Pixel Art RPG Indie Games - 2021 -

Top 10 BEST Pixel Art RPG Indie Games – 2021

Best Indie Games
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Pixel art & RPGs go hand in hand, with Indie Gaming continuing on that legacy from the SNES, so here are my Top 10 picks to play as of 2021!

00:00 ► Start:
00:16 ► #10 Evoland Legendary Edition :
01:06 ► #9 Shadows of Adam :
01:49 ► #8 Ikenfell :
02:59 ► #7 Tangledeep :
03:57 ► #6 Chronicon :
05:30 ► #5 LISA: The Painful :
07:11 ► #4 Virgo Vs the Zodiac :
08:30 ► #3 :
09:48 ► #2 :
10:55 ► #1 :

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I’m Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

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  1. Can you make a list of games like terraria and starbound please?

  2. Muy buenos los juegos, voy a probar alguno a ver que tal

  3. Thanks as always, Clemmy, for these occasional tips/reminders videos on older games. Helpful for those of us who missed them! I've played several of these (loved CrossCode, Undertale, CSH, and also enjoyed Tangledeep & Evoland). But now I have wishlisted Virgo vs the Zodiac & Shadows of Adam, which I missed previously. Cheers!

  4. Lisa the Painful is one of my favorite rpgs. Its such a great game but very dark.

  5. CrossCode is always a classic man , never seen a game take 100 hours off of my life and not noticing it , such a wonderful game

  6. Lisa was a complete blast for me when i first discovered it after playing Undertale since i also loved it, they both are legendary titles to me, if you like dark/creepy and also fun all together, which is weird but fits perfectly these titles

  7. Nanokin looks really good, hope it will be a decent game. For some reason I really like this new(?) artstyle idea of using 2D sprites in 3D games. So far I've heard of Nanokin, Demon Turf, Slasher's Keep and Skellboy Refractured utilizing it. Are there more?

  8. After seeing Crosscode on the thumbnail, I can't help but like the video on its first second! Amazing game 😍

  9. please recommend games like crosscode, I really like the gameplay of this game. Love hack n slash games with some rpg. I'm looking for more games like this but I'm having a hard time since my PC has only 2gb ram.

  10. I would put CrossCode in 1st place for graphics and awesome music only.This is another game I gave up halfway through and never played again because of ridiculously difficult timed puzzles that are just a cheap way of trying to extend game play. It doesn´t make the game hard, it makes it a chore, after a couple of tries it just gets boring… I even deleted it .

  11. Waiting for:
    Sea of Stars
    Chained Echoes
    The Slormancer

  12. Tatally Missing out on CrossCode! Gonna Try it out soon!

  13. Tangledeep looks really interesting, I'll wait for steam sale. Really glad Crosscode is number 1, that game deserved it. I'll have to finish Crosscode first. So many games, so little time…

  14. CrossCode is the game that kickstarted my love of indies. It fucking rules, and I even bought it for all my friends just so they could play it. It is truly the Ultimate Experience.

  15. I click simply cause of crosscode, already had the game since launch and it did not disappoint, still waiting for the dlc

  16. Hmmm evoland has some striking resemblance with Golden Sun. Too much if u ask me

  17. I have created a list of top metroidvania games coming in 2021 and beyond. Plz have a look by clicking on icon and make sure to support my small gaming channel.

  18. Was not expecting to see Lisa the painful. Glad you are giving older games shout outs ^^

  19. FINALLY!!! CrossCode is super lit ya know :))))

  20. I think people see Undertale as Earthbound like because it's not traditional high fantasy but rather just a kid on an adventure. I for one can't stand it though, I dislike the art, I dislike the "clever" twists people tell me about, I dislike the parts of the world and characters I've seen and I especially dislike the combat system.
    I still need to give Ikenfell a shot, I am just worried I won't get along with its combat system either.

  21. lisa such an epic piece of video art, freak'n luv it & makes me laugh

  22. Crosscode is awesome but i could not finish the game because of the abusive amount of puzzles.

  23. what was the begining game that he didn't name ?

  24. I've heard so much about Undertales but I still have no idea what it's about… I guess lockdown is the time to find out !

  25. What is the name of that first game at the start of the video

  26. Great video!! One thing I would suggest is using a de-esser on your vocal recording. Every time you say a word with an S or a T in it , it’s very sharp and painful to listen to and I have to turn the volume way down 🙁

  27. Tangledeep is that one game in my library that I’ve been saying non-stop to myself, “I want to play more of this.”, and yet I rarely ever do. I bought the game almost two years ago and have only played for 78 hours. (That probably sounds like a lot to some people, but for me that’s still kind of low, especially given the type of game that it is.)

    Looking forward to playing the CrossCode DLC today, as well. Less than six hours to go, I believe.

  28. Can someone tell me what's the name of the game that appears at 0:02?

  29. Hey man, I really want to write this as a thank you to this video of yours.
    Having found CrossCode from this video yesterday is one of the best thing happens to me since COVID-19 last year.
    I'm a father of 2, my business went south, and COVID is stomping on my life. I have been a gamer since Atari, NES, SNES up to PS3 before my biz started going down.
    Recently while struggling and fighting depression, I don't have any console, just an old Surface 5 and a 2 years old Android phone.
    Without much choices, I have been playing mobile MOBAs (AOV, Vainglory, and now WR)..
    Recently I found playing these games bring more stress. So I began searching for games that would give me Childhood joy.
    I really liked Zelda Link's Awkening, Musahiden on PSX, Alundra, DeathSpank. Top down Action RPG stuffs.
    I went through so many videos, emulators to find a game that could cheer me up.
    Yesterday when I found this video, reading comments how good CrossCode is I went to bed excited. I bought the game this morning.
    And I have to write this long comment to share to you how this game brings me so much happiness. It may sound exaggerating. But this game hits home.
    The graphic, sounds, control, gameplay. This is the action RPG that I've been looking for. And I'm feeling so alive from playing this game.
    Thanks again. Wish you all the best.

  30. Wow the words you were using to describe Virgo went miles over my head…. Good Job Guy

  31. Have you played Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass it's one of my favorite Indie RPG

  32. Didn't expect undertale to be there xd

  33. what is that game on your intro? im just wondering

  34. everyone here talkes about crosscode i was here just cuz i knew that lisa would be on this list

  35. People compare Undertale to Earthbound because Earthbound was a major inspiration for Undertale.

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