Top 10 Best Pixel Art RPG Games for Android (OFFline/Online) -

Top 10 Best Pixel Art RPG Games for Android (OFFline/Online)

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Ranking the best #pixelartgames and #rpggames on #Android and iOS, drop a like and enjoy!

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Best Gaming Phone 2022
Asus ROG 5
Nubia Red Magic 5S
Black Shark 3
Best Gaming Tablet 2022
Ipad Pro 2021
Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
Best Controllers 2022
Steelseries Stratus Duo
Backbone One
8bitdo Pro 2

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  1. There are a bunch more awesome games to look up to in the upcoming part 2, hit the like the button for it to come sooner and drop your game suggestions down below 😊

  2. oh man, there is no Brave Nine and Brown Dust 2…

  3. you forgot dead cells especially now with the castlevania dlc

  4. Love pixel art games and guardian tales sounds awesome, thanks for this!

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us. If it wasn’t for you, we would be playing crappy mobile games that bombarge us with ads.

  6. Why Everyone on Tiktok unknown knight's ad say that the game is trash? It is pretty sad seeing one game being called trash and pay to win when they surely didn't even try playing it

  7. Should add "Megis Adventure" to that list, premium pixel RPG game, no ads/microntrans

  8. what about f class adevneterur its pretty fun
    and straight forward

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