Top 10 BEST Pixel Art Action 2D "Meroidvania" Games For Android & iOS! -

Top 10 BEST Pixel Art Action 2D “Meroidvania” Games For Android & iOS!

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hey Guys if you are looking for the Top 10 BEST Pixel Art Action 2D “Meroidvania” Games For Android & iOS! then this video will be helpful for you because in this video we have covered the best pixel art games & some of them are the best Meroidvania”,

Game list:-

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

Guardian Tales



Hyper Light Drifter

Otherworld Legends

Stranger Things 3

Castlevania: SotN


Dandara Trials of Fear Edition

Dead Cells



  1. Coromon is not fully released yet on Android its just a Demo

  2. Opp viedo bro love you brother❤😂🎉

  3. Do any multiplayer games for play with friends bro

  4. Por un momento llegue a pensar que hyper light drifter lo iban lanzado para android pero veo que este video es mala publicidad al respecto del juego si no esta en android para que ponen un link qué mal

  5. Guardian tales is not 154mb it's legit 2gb

  6. Do the hyper lighter drifter available on android?

  7. Does this guy even know what a metroidvania is☠️

  8. Hyperlight drifter isn't available for android 😢

  9. Thank you so much for showing pixel games i love them but NO WAY YOU PUT GUARDIAN TALES I LOVE THAT GAMES. Also please mention to people how they add a new character almost every month

  10. I am you fan but pixel game is not like

  11. This channel is the home of gamers ❤

  12. Till this day still don't know that grimvalore is completely free or paid ???? 🥲

  13. My phone cannot hamdle the good games its can only installup to 350 mb and we dont have wifi thanks can you fins offline for mobile?

  14. Bro dead cell game show app not installed problem
    I have 5gb available to install but it not install

  15. Wow 😲 this is something new concept of games

  16. you forgot the best " Teslagrad "

  17. Im gonna subscribe to Down to Top he is so awesome!! He never run out of best game!

  18. I need help. Does anyone know a game which is similar to this? I played this game from like 2013-2016 and never found it since then. The story goes like a knight lost his lover because some evil dude took her and the knight wants her back. As far as i remember the artstyle is between a pixel or semi realistic. There's only one boss that i remember which is a two headed dragon. The dragons are two different colors,one is red while the other is blue. You fight it by dodging it's attacks and attacking it while it's charging up to shoot another fire laser like thingy.(I played it on mobile)

  19. Swordigo is such a nostalgic game 💖

  20. Is hyper light drifter available on android?

  21. you should mention if it's online or offline.
    try to remember that next time

  22. Swordigo still got place in my heart after all games I have played

  23. here we don't have metroidvania we have meroidvania

  24. I played Coromon like more than 1 year ago. And Otherworld Legends can fuck itself.

  25. Yo I'm looking for a game I played when I was young
    Like 2014 2015

    Uhm I only remmber it's was like a family survival game, u sit in a small cart with a hors and uf u don't feed all thr family someone could die
    U hunt and sleep outside by making a tent

    I think u can make stops in thr city to buy stuffs but u need money

    Plz help me out

    I think ut was cow boy themed or the era was like that

    Plz help plzzzzz😢😢

  26. Why can't i find hyper light drifter on playstore?

  27. Hyperlight Drifter is only available on IOS

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